Review: Seafood Boil Feasting at Crab in da Bag (Sports Hub)


Momma and I LOVE our seafood and decided we had to try out the new Crab in da Bag outlet at Sports Hub. It’s a five-minute walk from Stadium MRT and right by the waterfront which makes for a wonderful post-dinner stroll.

As you can see from the pictures, we were well-fed by the generous people at Crab in da Bag. This isn’t a place to eat elegantly, so bibs on, claws out and let’s get cracking!

Overall: ★★★☆☆ 
Price: $$$

Starting with their signature Titanic Pot ($299) (serves 3-4). It might seem on the price-y side, but you really do get what you pay for in terms of freshness. It’s nothing like the style of Boiler Room or Dancing Crab where the sauce is heavy and might overwhelm the fresh taste of the seafood, this one lets the sweetness come through with… 1 Boston Lobster, 2 Sri Lankan Crabs, Alaskan King Crab Legs, Tiger Prawns, Yabbies, Boston Bay Mussels, Venus Clams, Bratwurst Sausages, Corn on the Cob, Potatoes, Onions and Lemons all boiled in their ‘secret’ blend of Louisiana herbs and spices.


The interesting thing about this boil is it comes with three different Asian-inspired dips on the side, instead of having them shaken with the seafood. This makes it great for those who like their seafood light and with a choice of a classic Louisiana Garlic Butter Dip, Thai Green Bird Dip and my personal favourite, Malaysian Sambal. The Malaysian Sambal tasted like a belachan any Nonya would be proud of and boy, did it add a different dimension to the seafood.

In addition, some other interesting sides on the menu…

IMG_3010 IMG_3011

Crispy, Chewy Baby Squids ($12), much like the ones we get in zhi char and a very addictive salt-seasoned Crinkled Cauliflower ($8). Mom and I couldn’t stop popping these!

And finally, the dish that had me licking my fingers clean — The Salty Splash Tiger Prawns ($26). These were to-die-for. I’m a sucker for salted egg anything, but this. It had the perfect level of creaminess, balanced with that slightly powdery texture of the salted egg and was balanced wonderfully with some chilli and curry leaves. And of course having firm, fresh giant tiger prawns didn’t hurt. Highly-recommend this one.


Crab in da Bag has a terrific Asian twist to a classically American boiler concept and its ambience is fun, pleasant and generally perfect for a party, family gathering, night out with friends.. pretty much everyone can have a great time getting messy and tucking fingers first into a ton of gloriously fresh seafood. If a heavy Louisiana sauce is your thing, I recommend Boiler Room or Dancing Crab. But if you like the freshness of your seafood to shine through, Crab in da Bag could be your new best friend. But be prepared to splurge.

Crab in Da Bag (Kallang Wave, Sports Hub)
8 Stadium Walk
#02-05 Water Sports Centre
Singapore 397699

Tel: +65 6384 3511

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