Review: The Greek Experience — Mykonos on the Bay at Quayside Isle


I’d been wanting to try Greek food for a long time and I finally got the chance last week! it’s so difficult to find authentic Greek cuisine here in Singapore that after having the owners/chefs of Mykonos on the Bay at Quayside Isle on the show for an interview, I just had to go down to try the best they had to offer.

Mykonos On The Bay is an extension of co-owners Executive Chef Mauro Muroni and General Manager Gerri Sottile’s time in Greek Tavernas around the Hellenic Islands in Greece and the decor of the place really takes me back to Europe! I loved the gorgeous Greek blue on the cutlery and the walls and small touches like having the plates hand made and white wooden furniture really makes you feel like you’re out by the sea in the sunny Mediterranean.

Overall: ★★★★☆ 
Price: $$$

The first dish that was served was the Mykonos Dip Platter ($27) that gave us a tasting of three different dips with pita bread — Eggplant, fava beans and Taramosalata. Taramasalata is made of carp roe, lemon juice and olive oil and honestly, might take some getting used to.


All three had a very distinctive flavour about them and it was difficult to pick a favourite. But i found the aubergine spread made of grilled eggplant caviar, herbs, and tahini infused Greek yogurt the most interesting and delicious.

Next, came the Mixed Grill Platter for 2 ($96) including Gyros, handmade lamb sausages, lamb chops, beef fillet, chicken sausage, condiments. The meats were very well-seasoned which I liked, although some might find it too salty given our generally sweet palates in Singapore.

IMG_3003 Look at that meat cooked a perfect pink medium rare! Next up, definitely my favourite dish of the night — a hearty Moussaka ($27), which is a Greek eggplant casserole with braised beef sauce and béchamel topping. Mm.. the flavours in this one. Loved how the layers of meat, eggplant and cheese just melted into a gooey savoury mess in my mouth. This is nothing like I’ve ever had before and really recommend everyone try it to get a good idea of how deliciously satisfying Greek food can be.

                                     IMG_2999 IMG_3001

All in all, it was a wonderful introduction to Greek cuisine and a romantic dining experience by the pier where the water sparkled and the white yachts glistened in the moonlight. I’ll definitely be back for more.

Mykonos on the Bay
31 Ocean Way
#01-10 Quayside Isle
Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375

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