Musings: On Secrets, Happiness and Authenticity

There is an old saying, “we are only as sick as our secrets”. I couldn’t agree more.

I think there is a simple equilibrium for happiness, or a healthy soul.

We are truly happy when…

What the world sees = Who you truly are = Who you want to be

With but just one part of the equation missing or lacking, life stops being easy. We struggle to stay afloat.

I believe the true key to happiness lies in our ability to be authentic. To look in the mirror and see that the person reflected in it is the person you truly want to be. To be an open book, to have nothing to hide.

Sadly enough, I know of people who cheat on their partner(s) and then deny it in the face of damning evidence, go on to sleep with men in exchange for money, gifts and free trips and then lie to their best friends about being a virgin. Lies ultimately doom a person to a painful solitude. What a lonely place it must be to not be able to be honest with yourself or the people you consider closest and dearest to you! It doesn’t matter how many people we surround ourselves with or how many colourful places we go, someone with no truth will always be alone.

Delusions kill us slowly in our sleep, and karma deals a painful backhand.

I’m still finding my way to true, perfect happiness everyday. And I’m sure we all struggle with our own fears, desires and insecurities. But I do believe in this formula for being perfectly happy — And it starts simply with being honest. Having the integrity to admit our flaws and mistakes and then always being open and authentic so when you look in the mirror, and when people look at you, they like what they see as much as you do.

When the story of your life doesn’t fit the actual reality, one of two things must happen — you change the story to one that reflects the truth about you. Or, you change your life so the story becomes true. It’s simple. But not always easy.

This small nugget of wisdom has always kept me constantly reflecting and improving. My hope is that someday, we can all be wonderfully and incandescently happy inside and out, one step at a time. Here’s to that beautiful, glorious day.

What makes you truly happy?

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