Review: Charcoal-Grilled Burgers at I Am Cafe (Haji Lane) Singapore


We discovered this little bustling gem off Arab Street as one of the finalists I had to judge and shortlist for the Epicurean Star Awards 2015. It’s been fun checking out the most popular cafes and bars in Singapore over the last few weeks. But this.

This is seriously one of the most underrated cafes in Singapore in my opinion. There are so many cafes in Singapore dishing up the formulaic all-day breakfasts with coffee and ‘hipster’ concepts, that this actually comes out refreshing in being unpretentious. I Am Cafe is focused on serving up generous portions of burgers, grilled meat and seafood with great quality and at affordable prices. The service staff were friendly and attentive and for our Muslim friends, all these mouthwatering dishes are Halal (yay!).

Overall: ★★★★☆ 
Price: $$

Let’s get right down to the food!

First up, we ordered their Charcoal-grilled Big Bear Beef Burger ($15.90).


This was their signature burger and we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into this cheese-laden monster. Topped with battered onion rings, sunny-side-up egg, lettuce and tomato, we were sold. It had a near-perfect juicy texture, the patty was cooked just right, and there was this amazing char and smoky flavour that I’ve hardly found anywhere else. A perfect balance of flavours!

Next up, another favourite at I Am. The Cajun-Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger ($13.90). This is a tender chicken breast marinated with cajun mixed herbs, grilled and topped with cheese, pineapple and greens. Another win!


I loved the combination of flavours. That gorgeous smoky char on the grilled chicken which retained all its moisture and flavour was a perfect match with the sweet grilled  pineapple and tangy sauce. I could not get enough of this. The fries were decent as well. Hand-cut, fried to a golden, crispy brown and seasoned with salt and pepper. Absolutely no complaints.

While we were pretty much stuffed, I wanted to give their seafood a shot. So we ordered the I Am Sharing Platter ($18.90) with portions of baked garlic butter jumbo juicy prawns, baked half-shell mussels, soft shell crab , hot wings  & battered squid rings.


While the burgers were the main highlight for me, this was nevertheless a good deal and wonderful for sharing. The garlic butter sauce on the prawns were on-point, the soft-shelled crabs crispy and fresh and the wings had a great tang to it and just the right amount of spice to keep you wanting more. All of this came with mayonnaise but we ordered additional garlic butter dip and cheese sauce for variety. Definitely good value for money.

We washed all our food down with a Virgin Mojito which was super refreshing and their most popular Bushra Mint Mocktail ($6.90), which I found a little too sweet for my liking. But sugary soda junkies, guzzle away!

I also have to add that the service was wonderful. We went on a weeknight and they were running at full house and the staff paid attention to every one of our requests. We also overheard them asking the diners next to us if they’d enjoyed their meal and what feedback they had. Loved their dedication and great attitude.

This one would make for a great night out for the boys or a hearty feast with friends. Hope you enjoy your experience as much as we did. And remember to take a walk along the alleyways of Arab Street! It has a magical feel at night and there are a good many interesting bars and watering holes to check out for a nightcap.

I am…
674 North Bridge Road
+65 6295 5509

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