Review: Date Night with Little Sis at Cook & Brew, The Westin Singapore

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It’s been such a crazy month with so many exciting new additions to my life that I’ve been neglecting blogging a little. But I’m back with a bang and with tons to share about some new food discoveries Ive made over the last few weeks! All set?

Let’s start with this stunning restaurant bar that’s perched on the 33rd floor of The Westin. Chic, laid back and overlooking the sea and with a wonderfully intimate ambience, I’d made a date on a week night with my sister who’s a huge food lover as well to check the place out and catch up over dinner and drinks. I love our alone time together. And both of us being such huge foodies, we went all out in trying their dinner menu.

Overall: ★★★★☆ 
Price: $$$

We kicked things off with some cocktails and had this Butternut Squash with Bacon and Kale ($11) soup to start. It was infused with white bean, truffle cream and came with some grilled bread. I really enjoyed this soup. I’ve always been a fan of a smooth, creamy butternut squash, but this was a delightfully light take on a regular squash. It was almost like a broth but savoury, full of rich bacon flavour and balanced off nicely with some kale for texture and bite.


Next, we had shared the Black Cod ($34) with butter braised leek puree, fingerling chips, coriander and parsley sauce. This was light, the texture of the cod satisfactory. This was decent, but nothing too mind-blowing.


What was mind-blowing thought was this — the Whipped Buffalo Milk Ricotta ($12). Yes, it’s as wonderfully decadent as it sounds.


We’re talking the most fragrant, warm grilled bread smothered with a creamy but not overwhelming ricotta cheese. The difference really must lie in it being buffalo milk, because I’ve never had any ricotta quite like this. And then, the whole beautiful mess drizzled in a sticky, truffle honey. This is probably the milk and honey god promised his people in heaven.

Next up, the Prawns and King Crab ($21).


This was a really refreshing starter of crab meat and succulent prawns with  grapefruit, spinach, strawberry, barley, taro, shishito pepper, wild rice, mustard and chill oil. These seemingly complex flavours played out really subtly and thankfully didn’t overwhelm the natural flavours of the seafood.

Then, to end off the meal on a more hearty note, we went with the House-Made Sausages New Orleans Style ($22).


This dish was simple but comforting, served with bubble and squeak, tomato jam and watercress. But looking back, might have gone with the Bone Marrow and Foie Gras instead for something a little more unique.

All in all, it was a great time. There was more than enough cocktails and wines to go around and I really loved the laid-back vibe of the place despite it being perched atop a skyscraper and overlooking the sea and the rest of the city. The skyline was gorgeous and I might just come back here for a drink or two to while an evening away.

If you come for anything, it’s the beautiful view and that amazing Buffalo Milk Ricotta. Trust me. Enjoy!

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Cook & Brew
Level 33,  Westin Hotels & Resorts, 12 Marina View, 018961


Mon – Thu: 11:00 – 00:00
Fri: 11:00 – 01:00
Sat: 17:00 – 00:00
Sun: Open for private events

PHONE:+65 69226948

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