Review: P.Bistro at Palais Renaissance, Orchard


Appealing to those who enjoy casual French bistro-style dining and an array of French, Italian and Asian dishes, P.Bistro opens its second outlet at Palais Renaissance. I was invited to try some of their new dishes on the menu on Friday and here’s a taste of what they served up.

There was quite a crowd on a Friday night and service was slow so be prepared to wait.

Overall: ★★★☆
Price: $$-$$$

We kicked things off with their specialty cocktail of Kumquat Whisky Sour ($12) which was delicious.


Made with whisky-infused Kumquat, fresh lemon juice, egg white, this was wonderfully appetising, slightly salty, sour and very refreshing. The kumquats were delicious as well. Reminds me of the ones my grandmother used to make in huge jars with sugar and salt.

The food took quite awhile to arrive (30-40mins) so that’s something you might want to factor in to your dinner if you’ve to be elsewhere.

We started off with this Tangy Pomelo Salad ($12) of fresh pomelo with Chef’s special tamarind dressing, cherry tomatoes, shallots, coriander, sliced red chilli and mesclun.


I really liked what they did with the tamarind sauce. It was just the right balance of tangy and sweet that really blended wonderfully with the citrus of the pomelo and crisp greens. A light refreshing start to the meal.

Then, we had the Fugu Japanese Grilled Puffer Fish with Flying Fish Roe ($12).


This might be quite a novelty if you’ve never had pufferfish before. But honestly, it just tastes like a fish bak kwa. These dried and sweetened versions are prepared, packed and shipped here from Japan and have lost almost all their taste and texture. I recommend going for the real deal if you want a great introduction to pufferfish. This one is priced a little steep for just a few small pieces of dried fish.

Our first main course arrived another 20 minutes later. This was the Duck Confit ($28) of oven-roasted French Castaing duck leg, red berry gastric, roasted potatoes and mesclun.


The duck was quite decent. It was juicy, moist and with just the right amount of fat. I enjoyed the potatoes and the accompanying sauces, but there was nothing particularly remarkable about it.

The Asian Red Curry Seafood Pasta ($24), on the other hand, was delicious.


This is a linguini with tiger prawns, crabmeat, squid and scallop. The red curry sauce was spicy, had full flavour with a tinge of Thai spices and tossed in with well-cooked, tender fresh seafood was really quite a highlight of the meal. Worth a try.

Our last main dish of the night was the Nonya Dory ($18).


The special Peranakan sauce was flavourful and had a great kick. But the dory was average with a slightly mushy texture. It came with some sweet and sour achar on the side and rice topped with an egg sunny side up. This dish would have been worth the price with a better piece of fish.

By then we were pretty stuffed so we had to take the desserts of Coconut Pandan Chiffon Cake ($6.50) and Passionfruit Tart ($4.00) home. The desserts are pretty reasonably priced and might be good for tea or coffee with the girls.

All in all, P. Bistro at Palais Renaissance had a laid-back vibe that works for most occasions — chill out night with the girls/guys, quick business lunch, celebrating a birthday etc. which might explain its popularity. There were some dishes that were well-excecuted. But while the rest were decent, you could probably get better elsewhere for less.



Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road, #B1-06,
Singapore 238871
T: 6734 9268


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