Review: Haji Kadir Sup Tulang, Golden Mile Centre Singapore


Quite possibly the most messy, visceral, primitive dish you can have in Singapore, introducing the hearty sup tulang (mutton bone marrow soup).

I’ve heard so much about how truly unique and wonderfully messy this dish can get and we headed down to Golden Mile food centre in search of the tulang dish that counts Anthony Bourdain among its fans.

Overall: ★★★★☆
Price: $

Haji Kadir Sup Tulang claims to be the first among many of the stalls in Golden Mile and in Singapore to invent the dish. And there really was stiff competition with at least 3-4 other stalls on the floor selling the same thing.

My verdict?

There’s no experience quite like getting your hands stained blood red from sucking out the succulent meat and marrow from giant bones hollowed out and cooked in a slightly sweet and spicy combination of spices. And if that doesn’t fill you up, it even comes with warm toasted bread for you to soak up the excess gravy and marrow. Mmm..

Truly sedap. It was hard to get enough of it. This really fills you up since there’s quite a bit of meat on it as well so it’s great to share (roughly $10 for two). Plus it’s a lot more fun.


Not sure it’s something you want to eat in the day because of the heat but this is great for supper or dinners with friends. Come with no expectations except for a novel experience and hawker food like you’ve never experienced before. Definitely worth a try at least once.



#B1-13/15,  Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Road, 199583
PHONE: +65 62940750


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