Review: Pacamara Coffee Roasters Singapore


It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. We’d slept in, woke up famished and felt like trying someplace new for brunch to start the day. Sean did some quick research and Pacamara looked like a laid back cafe with some all-day breakfasts and decent coffee to perk us up, so off we went.

Upon arrival, it was a 20-minute wait for a seat at around 12pm. But that passed quickly as we busied ourselves checking out the many cafes in the area. Just when we were about to go for some Italian food instead, we got the phone call telling us our table was ready.

We were ushered to our seats at a long table by the window. It was all glass and beautiful bright sunlight streaming in, which I love. The place was packed but I didn’t feel claustrophobic at all. It had a bustling, cheery atmosphere.

Overall: ★★★☆
Price: $$ 

We ordered the American Breakfast ($20) to start which included multi-grain toast, roasted tomatoes, mushroom, hash, bacon, smoked salmon and choice of eggs (we picked scrambled) and some avocado on the side.


As expected, this was one hearty dish in generous portions and no complaints about most of it except the bacon could’ve been cooked a little longer for a more crispy burnt texture. The toast also came with a small individual jar of raspberry jam which was a nice touch.

I ordered the Granola ($10) for something light and healthy. This was served with greek yogurt, fresh berries and peaches.


While this looked beautiful, it wasn’t actually very delicious. The greek yogurt wasn’t chilled and even slightly warm, and there was not much of any sweetness to it. It would’ve been great with some honey or something but while the peaches and berries were fresh, this just didn’t really do much for me by way of a satisfying breakfast. It was mostly sour and warm.

Perhaps their other dishes are a lot better. And they do seem to take their coffee really seriously. On the whole, I liked the ambience and it’s perfect for relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. But given the wait and long queues I’d expected more in terms of food.

I’ve gone back on a  weekday afternoon for some coffee and to do some reading and it was a much better experience without the crowd. Coffee was alright, but maybe I’ll give their other breakfast offerings a shot sometime. Just because it feels nice in there.


Pacamara Coffee Roasters

Yew Lian Park, 185 Upper Thomson Road, 574333



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