Review: Milk Cow at Velocity Novena, Singapore


I go to Novena Square quite a bit to grab the occasional salad, run some errands or just do some work in one of its many cafes. But Milk Cow had just opened earlier this year and I wondered what all the fuss was about after Ilao Ilao and Honey Creme led the soft serve frenzy.

Overall: ★★★☆
Price: $$ 

I was pleasantly surprised to find there was hardly any of the snaking long queues that its popular predecessors had inspired. Nonetheless, the shiny, sticky honeycomb stack displayed beside some colourful macarons was what really caught my eye.


I went with the Organic Natural Honeycomb ($5.90) while my colleague chose the Snowdrop ($5.90) topped with a huge tuft of cotton candy and some jellybeans.



The draw here being the soft serve made with organic milk from Italian dairy farms. These were then topped with a variety of nuts, honeycomb, Oreo, cotton candy etc.

Taste-wise, the soft serve was very milky and creamy. Some might even find it slightly overwhelming. It wasn’t too sweet though, which was a good thing because the honeycomb went beautifully with it. While the cotton candy made for a dramatic touch, I felt it was too much candy and chewable topping that distracted from the natural smooth, fresh taste of the milk.

Overall, I quite liked the classic flavour, but it would be interesting to give its Taiwanese competitor Honey Creme a shot to see how they fare against each other. Watch this space.


Milkcow Velocity

Velocity @Novena #01-19, 238 Thomson Road Singapore 307683
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

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