Review: Mitzo at Grand Park Orchard Singapore


Mitzo is bringing the sex appeal back into Cantonese cuisine with a great central location, and well-executed dishes that are delicately put together by a team fronted by celebrated chef Nicky Ng, who used to helm Michelin-starred Hakassan in New York.

Overall: ★★★★☆
Price: $$ – $$$

While its name sounds a lot like something Japanese, Mitzo is actually derived from the Cantonese term for honeyed dates, Matzo. This is an ingredient integral to the boiling of many Cantonese soups. The lounge-like, sophisticated interior is a breath of fresh air from what one would usually expect from a Chinese restaurant, and it’s central location (right across from The Paragon at Orchard) makes it suitable for business lunches and dinner dates alike.

For starters, we had the Deep Fried Prawn coated with Creamy Lemon Sauce ($32).


The prawns were very firm, succulent and fresh and coated with a tangy citrus sauce after being deep fried. This was very appetising and was not too creamy at all. Refreshing start to the meal.

On to the roast meats. First, we started with the Black Truffle Crispy Roast Duck (Half) ($38).


While I didn’t think it was necessary to embellish the flavour of some perfectly good roast duck with black truffle, this was still a dish worth trying. The duck was juicy, tender and flavourful with just the right amount of fat under the crispy brown skin. The truffle didn’t overwhelm the flavours of the duck despite being quite strong. Truffle lovers might enjoy this new twist to a classic.

The next meat was my personal favourite dish of the evening — Mitzo Special Barbecued Pork ($18).


This was charred and honeyed perfectly on the outside, had just the right amount of fat inside and generally just melt beautifully in the mouth. The sauce wasn’t too sweet either and all the flavours came together really well. Everyone at the table was nodding in approval.

Another really comforting dish I quite enjoyed that reflects the essence of the simplicity of Cantonese cuisine is this Braised Vermicelli with Scallops, Prawns and Codfish ($28).


This was a portion good for 3-4 to share especially after the roast meats. Light and subtle but full on flavour, the noodles glides easily down the throat and the seafood was fresh and well cooked. This is truly comfort food and a great way to fill up after the meal.

And finally, we were surprised with a rather interesting twist on dessert. This is the Chilled Avocado Milkshake with Fried Sesame Dumpling ($12).


While I love my avocado, this tasted pretty average to me. Nothing too special about the chilled dessert. The sesame dumpling was pretty decent though but I’m not sure the combination was necessarily the most inspired.

Although, adding to the class and trendiness of the place, they do have a delicious selection of Asian cocktails so be sure to start the meal with some of these. It’s a fun way to kick start dinner with friends or colleagues and even a quick pick-me-up for lunch if you’re feeling a little naughty?


Mitzo is the place to go for quality Cantonese food with a contemporary twist and a great ambience.



Level 4 Grand Park Orchard,
270 Orchard Road Singapore 238857
T +65 6603 8855

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