Review: Catalunya Singapore’s Brunch Fiesta!


I’d heard so much about Catalunya’s brunch after going to dinner there a couple of times that I had to try it out for myself. It was my best friend Jacqueline’s birthday, and I wanted to take her out to someplace fun where we could eat and drink to our heart’s content.

Catalunya is situated in a glass building between Fullerton Bay Hotel and One Fullerton. It boasts a gorgeous view of the bay and seems to almost float on the water that sparkles beautifully at night yet is sunny, peaceful and serene by day. I’d been warned that brunch would be a raucous, lively affair and that it was. But let’s start with the highlights.

Overall: ★★★★☆
Price: $$$

We started off with multiple trips to the charcuterie, cheese, salad and bakery sections. Those were well-stocked with a variety of Spanish hams, mortadella cuts and salamis as well as a small counter of cheeses.


As a seafood lover, I enjoyed the smoked, pickled and fresh raw seafood imported straight from Spain at the buffet counters as well. But I must say the real highlights came by the portion, and we had to order these off of a different menu.

We went for their popular Catalunya-style Bikini sandwich stuffed with Iberico ham, cheese and black truffles which was absolutely delicious. But my favourites include the fry-up option of Estrellados. You can choose between a fried egg or scrambled (we went with scrambled) on a bed of piping hot roast potatoes topped with either chorizo, mushrooms or ham.


This was SO good we had two portions and then a third. Definitely don’t make the mistake of trying to share this.


There was also a lot of great upbeat music, random food presentations like that of this beautiful Baked Salted Fish that was juicy, tender and flaked off just perfectly with the fork.

Also expect some delicious crispy Suckling Pig, a generous pie and pastry selection as well as a whole lot of decadent, sinful desserts.


The brunch is priced at $98++ for adults and $49 for children 6 and above. That includes free flow juices. But if you’re going wild and looking to let your hair down with some wine and free flow of cocktails, it’s an additional $48++. We went with the latter on top of our buffet and did not regret it at all. Wine and cocktails is all part of the fun, especially with such hearty Spanish food and lovely ambience for a weekend. Catalunya definitely does a mean brunch.



The Fullerton Pavilion, 82 Collyer Quay,
Singapore 049327, (+65) 6534 0886,


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