Review: Chotto Matte, Blair Rd Singapore


It had been a few weeks since i’d met up with the girls but we’d had our reservation for Candlenut botched because they weren’t open on that day so we decided to try out Chotto Matte located on Blair Road amid some residential estates.

Overall: ★★☆☆☆
Price: $$$ – $$$$

At first glance, the restaurant looked cozy enough with dim lighting and wooden tables. But then, we were ushered to an adjacent unit totally separate from the main restaurant almost like they’d opened up a spare room as an afterthought just in case.

Famished, we decided to order. Starting with some mixed skewers. These had to be ordered one stick at a time so we went with the Hokkaido Scallops ($12), Japanese Mushrooms ($4) and Wagyu ($10).


The scallops were tiny and overcooked, they’d served us two measly dehydrated mushrooms for $4 and while the wagyu was alright, it was still terribly underwhelming both in terms of portion and taste considering the price. I also wasn’t too impressed with the haphazard squirt of mayo on the side.

Next, came the Mentaiko Angel Hair Pasta ($18).


This was served with tobiko, olive oil, baby shrimp and topped with uni. This was a really tiny portion for $18. Basically less than the size of my palm. The garlic was too overwhelming, I could barely taste the mentaiko and the pasta was mushy.

By then, we’d gotten quite skeptical and decided to just order one last dish and eat somewhere else to fill up. This one, thankfully, wasn’t too bad — the Kurobuta Belly Fried Rice ($38).


The pork was tender, had a good fat-to-meat ratio and was charred on the outside with a sweet sauce. The rice was also done alright. But I definitely wouldn’t pay forty bucks for a portion like that.

We weren’t full yet but just looking at the menu and spotting a >$28 Chawanmushi (yes, you read right. Twenty-eight dollars.) and exorbitantly-priced sashimi given the meagre portions, we gave up and moved on to our next stop instead.



Us literally shooting the breeze at Empire at Singapore Land Tower.

Thank god for Champagne and lots of tequila. It just about washed out the bitter aftertaste of spending so much on substandard food.

Should you give it a go? I’d say, Chotto Matte, unless you’ve got deep pockets and cash to burn.


Chotto Matte

Address: 54 BLAIR ROAD, #01-01 SINGAPORE, 089954
Phone: +65 6222 8846
Mon-Sun: 11:30-midnight (Last order for lunch at 2pm)

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