Review: Sushi Bar, Ngee Ann City Orchard


So finally, the popular Sushi Bar at Far East Plaza has decided to splash out on a much more swanky and spacious Ngee Ann City restaurant unit after failed attempts to feed the snaking lines of customers in the small holes-in-the-wall they’ve rented at Far East. Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked the cozy, low-key nature of their original space, but this new outlet means no more long waiting times/failed reservations. Hurrah!

Overall: ★★★★☆
Price: $$ 

For those who’ve never tried Sushi Bar, you must be wondering, “What on earth is so amazing about their chirashi bowl?”

Well, apart from Sumiya which in my opinion offers the best value, taste and freshness, Sushi Bar comes in a close second for sheer generosity in servings for a similarly affordable price. The thick cuts of sashimi on the rice is rivalled only by Chikuwa Tei, but Sushi Bar’s version offers more variety. Don’t even bother with Manzoku. We had a terrible experience with fish that had gone bad and grey on their Bara Chirashi so don’t get me started.

Now here’s what Sushi Bar serves up in their Normal Chirashi Bowl ($24.90). 


Look at the thick, generous cuts of fresh sashimi! There is no stinging here. Each piece is almost 1cm thick and there are maguro, hamachi (yellowtail), scallops, salmon (raw and aburi), mekajiki (swordfish), tamago and topped with a heaped tablespoonful of ikura (salmon roe). Is your mouth watering yet? ‘Cause mine is.

The Ngee Ann City branch also serves up a similar slices of fish in an Aburi  Kaisen Chirashi Bowl ($26.90) for those who love their fish half-seared.


This is definitely worth a try as it changes the flavours of all the fish dramatically and you get to experience the same fresh quality with a whole new dimension. Their Basic Chirashi Don ($18.90) is their version of a bara chirashi bowl which replaces the thick-cut slices for generous cubes of sashimi. I enjoy this from time to time when I’m not as hungry. It’s a more manageable portion for small eaters.

For the sides, I think their famous Aburi Salmon Roll ($14.90) is worth a try, although not exceptional.

Other interesting dishes include their Grilled Salmon Head (prices are seasonal) which was oozing melt-in-your-mouth smooth meat full of Omega 3 goodness.


Also, my favourite Pitan Tofu ($4.90). I liked that they topped theirs with fresh crabmeat and some tobiko as well as spring onion for full flavour.


I highly recommend Sushi Bar for the Chirashi don. Honestly, the Premium one is not that worth footing more than double the price because the variety of fish doesn’t differ all that much from the Normal Chirashi. Just a dollop of uni and one or two new varieties. But you can’t go wrong with the Normal and Basic ones. Oh, and the Aburi Salmon Roll. Let me know what your favourite Chirashi bowls in Singapore are? I’d love to try new ones too!

Sushi Bar

Address: 391 Orchard Road #05-34/35 Ngee Ann City

Singapore 238873

Phone: +65 88183535

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