Review: Violet Herbs, Tras Street — European Fine Dining Made Affordable


Violet Herbs is definitely a place I feel duty-bound to share about because the food is honest, delicious and technically  well-executed. The couple behind the restaurant helmed by Chef Edward Hoe and his wife, Danni  are a hardworking, down-to-earth pair who are very sincere about getting feedback from customers.

Overall: ★★★★☆
Price: $$$

Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of the decor (everything being a shade of violet) but the ambience was still pleasant and once you start eating, you barely notice anything else.

Let’s start with our appetiser of Pistachio & Herb Crusted Scallops ($18).


The herb crust was delicious and it came with butternut pumpkin purée, bisque gel, parma potato chip and chocolate soil. All the flavours and textures came together quite well and I found this quite original.

Our soup dish was the Lobster Cappuccino and Brandy ($16), which Danni claims is a real hit with all the customers.


This comprised painstakingly boiled bisque with Boston lobster meat and juniper foam. This was full of wonderful lobster flavour that lent a delicious slightly bitter hint to the soup and I loved the way it was presented.

Now on to the mains. We started with the Sous Vide 48 Hours Wagyu Beef Cheek ($38).


When a piece of premium wagyu beef is cooked slowly for 2 whole days, you know this has got to be one of the softest, most tender ways to have your meat. It retained all its flavour, is served with chewy Fregola Sarda, white balsamic, zucchini spheres and a mouthwatering red wine glaze that brought all the savoury, tangy and oily flavours together.

Also cooked to tender perfection is the Roasted Lamb Rump ($44).


Served with sautéed baby spinach, creamy sweet corn and lamb jus served creatively in a test tube which you then pour all over the medium rare tender slices of lamb… this was comforting and surprising all at the same time.

Another main we enjoyed was the Marinated Red Miso Cod ($39).


Look at that artful plating! And i haven’t even gotten to how it tastes yet. This was served with roasted pumpkin purée, almond eggplant, and dehydrated parsnips chips. How refreshing! All the ingredients were well thought out, carried through beautifully. The cod just melts in your mouth with that slightly sweet, salty flavour of miso that envelopes the whole cod. Mmm.. divine.

Before we moved on to desert, we had a delicious raspberry sorbet with some mandarins which were refreshing and made us excited about our final dish.


And here’s what we had to end off the meal — the Frozen Nougat ($14) with raspberry sauce, mixed fruits and lychee sorbet.


The frozen nougat was definitely unique and the lychee sorbet and berries were a light refreshing end to the meal.

There is so much originality, technical expertise and extensive preparation that goes into each on of these intricate dishes. Chef Edward has 20 years of experience under his belt including helming Restaurant Ember and many years with The American Club that gave him the confidence, expertise and experience to showcase his take on Modern European cuisine in his own kitchen. While the couple still have some work cut out for them in terms of how to use the restaurant space more efficiently and working out the marketing and decor, the food definitely hits to spot and I’d really like to see them take off and get more recognition for good food.

They also serve up a 6-Course ($118) and 8-Course ($158) Degustation menu if you’d like more variety including the handmade pastas.


Violet Herbs
81 Tras Street
Singapore 079020
Telephone: 6221 3988

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