Review: Cheng’s 27, Tiong Bahru — Hainanese Delicacies


Serving up home cooked Hainanese favourites in a small eatery at Tiong Bahru is Cheng’s 27, formerly known as Cheng’s Delicacies. The first thing you’ll notice is the place is run completely by the Cheng family. Mum does most of the cooking while dad and their sons run the place, making recent tweaks in name and set up, making the old favourites more appealing to the new generation.

Overall: ★★★★☆
Price: $$

The food is simple, and has a distinct home cooked flavour and style. We started with the Deep Fried Prawn Rolls.


These were deep fried golden brown, juicy and flavourful inside, and went great went dipped in their house chili sauce.

Next, the Sambal Prawns L ($30).


The prawns were juicy, succulent and tossed in a tangy sambal sauce with vegetables like tomato, onions and cucumber. It had just the right balance of spicy, sweet and sour. Delicious! The owner’s wife, who does the cooking, slow fries the rempah for hours to make the sambal which allows all the flavours to be infused into the base for the sambal.

Also showcasing the delicious sambal is the Sambal Long Beans ($15).


This was well-cooked to keep the crunch and fried slightly more dry with onions and minced meat and fragrant spring onions.

The Salted Vegetable Duck Soup is up next.


This was a lot lighter than I expected. Less salty, with a lot less of that duck flavour in the soup. The meat on the duck was tender though.

The sambals were great, but the real highlight of the meal was the Crispy Chicken with Ginger ($30).


You can hardly tell they use chicken breast for the meat because of how tender it is. The breast meat is thinly-sliced, blanched in oil and tossed in a sweet black vinegar sauce. All those beautiful flavours coat the crispy golden exterior in that delicious glistening sauce. We couldn’t get enough.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal here because of the homey feel of the place, the warm service and the comforting, quality dishes. Prices might be slightly higher than you might expect for simple fare, but this place has a lot of heart and you can be assured of fresh ingredients and decent cooking.


Cheng’s 27
Address: 27 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168654
Contact: 6223 7883

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