Review: Sunrise Bistro & Bar, Big Splash East Coast


East Coast Park always surprises with quality food haunts, and one of the new ones i’ve discovered recently has got to be Sunrise Bistro at Big Splash.

Helming the kitchen is Chef Vincent Teng, who to date has worked at My Dining Room, Scarlet Hotel, Table 66 and Skyve. Chef Vincent is a fan of the sous vide technique of fish and meat preparation and we see this very clearly in his dishes.

Before we delve into the sous vide mains, let’s start with the Seared Foie Gras ($19).


This is made of goose liver instead of the duck liver so favoured by many of Singapore’s restaurants. Chef Vincent says goose liver has a subtle sweetness that duck liver doesn’t and it was brought out beautifully when served atop warm brioche toast, layered with mango, citrus jam and fresh berry compote. The compote and citrus jam mixture was excellent and really brought out the natural fatty sweetness of the foie gras.

Now for the mains. First, the BBQ Beef Short Ribs ($32).


This was sous vide for 24 hours till tender and roasted with homemade BBQ sauce and seasonal vegetables. This was fork tender, the BBQ sauce was smokey and delicious and the seasonal vegetables were very well done. All the natural flavours of the veggies came through beautifully.

The Cereal Crusted Cod Fish ($28) is up next.


To cut the monotonous fatty flavour of the cod, the fish is crusted with the same sweet, crunchy cereal used in our favourite cereal prawns in zi char. I enjoyed that variation in texture, and the cod was cooked just right in an excellent sesame oil and ginger shoyu broth. The Asian flavours were so refreshing! I couldn’t get enough of the broth.

And now, on to the Marmite Canadian Pork Shoulder ($26).


Again, sous vide to soft, melt-in-your-mouth tender perfection, this came with a very addictive marmite sauce that came through very well. Sometimes with marmite sauces you tend to lose the taste in the cooking process but this retained its full flavour and went great with the soft mash. Again, the seasonal vegetables were on point.

And for the last of the mains, the Asian Five Spice Duck Leg Confit ($28).


By now, you would have detected a distinctive style that runs through Chef Vincent’s dishes. They’re all executed with French techniques but each has a unique Asian twist so none of the dishes are boring and predictable. The duck confit was alright, but the passionfruit sauce and citrus salad really made the whole dish refreshing and very appetising despite us being so full.

Chef Vincent also took us on a tour of the kitchen to take a look at his equipment for his sous vide meats.


Everything is well-organised, sealed in vacuum packs and allowed to cook slowly at low temperatures in its own sauces, marinades and fat. This explains why the meats were so full of flavour and extremely tender.


And finally, to end off the meal, another surprise in the form of dessert — the Salted Egg Yolk Custard Molten Chocolate Cake ($10).


The name alone was enough to make my mouth water. The custard was delicious, infused with just the right amount of salted egg. The texture wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked, having the graininess of liu sha bao. But the chocolate went flawlessly with the egg yolk custard and even more heavenly with a dollop of cold vanilla ice-cream melting over that hot mess.


Sunrise Bistro & Bar definitely serves up delicious French food with an Asian twist in a comfortable, laid back setting that’s great for pretty much all occasions. We managed to catch the sunset  before dinner and a post-dinner stroll to enjoy the sea breeze. It might be a nice change from the usual dining and bar options in town.


Sunrise Bistro & Bar
Address: 902 E Coast Pkwy, Singapore 449874
Phone:6440 9090

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