Review: Colony @ Ritz Carlton Hotel’s Vintage Champagne Brunch


Two weekends ago, I had quite possibly my best buffet experience in Singapore so far. This was the Sunday Brunch at Colony in the Ritz Carton Singapore. I’m talking about eight live kitchens, a staggering array of fresh oysters, lobsters, crabs, sashimi, over 30 varieties of cheese, a gorgeous array of desserts and a wonderful blend of local and western delights for the cooked food sections.

We opted for the Vintage Champagne Brunch ($188 ++) which includes unlimited Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Blanc 2006 and Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Rosé 2004, selected cocktails/mocktails, house pour red/white wines, draft beer and soft drinks.

Overall: ★★★★★
Price: $$$$

So without further ado, let’s get cracking!

Fresh Seafood


This counter showcases huge Boston Lobsters, Alaskan crabs, scallops, very fresh boiled prawns with a wide variety of cocktails sauces that were refreshing, creamy, tomato-based, spicy and even vinaigrettes.

Cured Meats


A gorgeous array of premium hams, prosciutto, salami, and all of them with different flavours and textures. We were really spoilt for choice. All of them were sliced thinly and the meats had amazing flavour.

The foie gras terrine was also excellent and worth a try.

Sushi and Sashimi


Again, all the fish were of exceptional quality. The sashimi included maguro (tuna), hamachi (yellowtail), salmon, and tako (octopus). All were thickly-sliced and very fresh. The sushi was also delicious with just the right amount of rice to not fill you up too much.

Oyster Bar

It being a champagne brunch, how could we not indulge in some delicious freshly-shucked oysters from France?


Again, the variety of seasonal oysters was very impressive. There were my favourite Tsarskaya oysters, Coffin Bay and 3-4 other types. We slurped these babies down with the Moët and boy was it seafood heaven.

Salad Bar

For the veggie lovers, take your pick and toss your own salad from this delectable variety of fresh greens (and purples, reds, yellows.. look at those colours!)


Cooked Seafoods and Meats


The lamb rack was absolutely delicious. The meat was perfectly seasoned and cooked to tender and juicy medium rare perfection. The variety of sauces also enhanced the flavours of the meats that included some ribeye, a tasty grilled chicken and some grilled fish as well.

Here are more of the stews, sautéed vegetables, fried rice and noodles all cooked in front of you in live kitchens. It really adds a nice touch to see your food cooked by chefs behind the glass windows.


If you get a chance, go for the black pepper crabs. The chef was very friendly and even offered one of us a fresh batch, picking a particularly meaty claw out for the plate. Delightful!


Local Delights


I don’t usually eat local food at buffets and I half-expected the Ritz to screw up something so fundamentally local, but the laksa was actually good! The gravy was spot on with just the right amount of spice and lemak  because of the coconut milk and it came with lobster balls instead of the usual fish balls. They were tasty, juicy and succulent. Interesting touch!

There were so much more on offer but our stomachs were bursting. There was also dim sum, more grilled meats and a full section dedicated to Indian foods like naan, curries, dhal, paneers, chapatis, the list goes on.



This Espresso Martini was amazing. It was simple but so incredibly delicious. A wonderfully invigorating mix of one part vanilla vodka, espresso and some kahlua shaken till cold. We had so many of these despite the amount of caffeine in it.


You could also ask for a Bloody Mary and have as many of these cocktails as you like if you go with the Champagne option for the brunch. And finally, on to dessert!

Cheese Selection


The cheese offerings were jaw-dropping. All kinds of cheeses from cheddar to blue cheeses to goat’s milk cheese, to mozzarella and even my favourite molten Mont D’Or.


What made it such a treat was the selection of fresh and preserved fruits, honeys and conserves. Look at those fresh, sweet raspberries, blackberries, grapes, figs, and all kinds of jams and sweet preserved fruits.


There was so much variety I had to go for a second round to try even just a tiny fraction of what they offered. So good.


And despite being completely stuffed, how could we possibly resist THIS.



Again, amazing variety. There were at least 12 different kinds of cakes, some fruit and cream puddings, freshly-made crepes and waffles with premium ice-creams and gelato as well as some candy for the kids.


And I made a wonderful little discovery. Look, ma. White Rabbit sweets! I couldn’t resist having a couple of my favourite childhood candy. I still love peeling the rice paper off of the sticky milk candy and letting it dissolve in my mouth. This really made my afternoon.


Canopy really exceeds all expectations of a classic buffet in Singapore. This was truly more than a selection of quality food. It was an experience that one indulged in with a stylish, contemporary update on an old colonial style.


The ambience was so relaxing with the high ceilings, huge glass windows that let in so much sunlight and I found those beautiful green poles of bamboo so calming.


This is one place worth splurging on for a special occasion with family or loved ones. I definitely recommend going for the free-flow Champagne option. But if you don’t drink, you can enjoy the same buffet selection with unlimited soft drinks and fruit flavoured sparkling mineral water for $138++.

Go ahead. Indulge. You won’t regret it.

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