Travel: Aiglun Mountain Trails/Canyons (Alpes-Maritimes), France


Although we loved the long drives along the Côte d’Azur in Southeastern France, we thought we’d do a stopover in one of the mountain communes in the Alpes-Maritime region for a change of scenery.


So we decided to stop in Aiglun – a tiny mountain commune with just over a hundred inhabitants about 40km from Nice. Despite its size, it’s well-known for its breathtaking canyons and we were curious to see for ourselves.


We stopped along a huge suspension bridge from which just looking down had my heart pumping hard in my chest and my stomach knotting up. It was really deep! And some of the locals were even brave enough to climb down the rocks for a dip in the fresh mountain water.


We really enjoyed the long walks along the mountain trail. The weather was slightly chilly, but just being in such peaceful surroundings was really uplifting. I was slightly car-sick from the ride up, but the fresh air made me feel better instantly! I also found the largest dandelion I’d ever seen.


Isn’t it cute? It took us awhile to find the canyon we were looking for and had to make many detours in the forest. But it made the trip all the more fun and quite the adventure.


In the end, we found what we were looking for. And boy, was the view worth the effort getting there. Sometimes, it really does pay to go off of the beaten path.


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