Travel: Saint-Tropez (Côte d’Azur), France


Saint-Tropez was definitely one of the places I was looking forward to exploring the most during our travels along the South of France. Apart from it’s reputation as one of the most glamorous beach destinations around the world, it was also finally the chance for us to soak up the sun, sea and sand after being tantalised by the bright blue water for days.

What I didn’t know about Saint-Tropez was that before it became the playground of artists and later on the rich and famous, it was a fishing village and military stronghold up until the 20th century.


We were excited to explore the minute we arrived from Cannes and headed straight to Nikki Beach at Saint-Tropez which was just a short 5-minute drive from our hotel. Sunblock on, shades out and we were all set to soak up the sun and take a dip in the sparkling, clear blue water.


Just look at the beautiful colours in the sea! The water was cool unlike the warm water we get here in the tropics which took some getting used to. But it was perfect for the hot afternoon and was a balm to our sunburnt skin. We spent hours there napping on sunbeds, sipping beer on the beach and just enjoying the atmosphere.


We could spot some fishing boats and some gleaming white yachts in the distance. Saint-Tropez’s La Ponche quarter started out as a fishing village although now luxury yachts now vastly outnumber the fishing boats.


We stayed in a lovely hotel called Le Pre de La Mer which boasts an excellent location just 100m from Canoublers Bay. It was less than a five minute drive from most of the more popular beaches and was such a beautiful retreat from the bustling bars by the coastline.


Apart from the spacious rooms with an indoor pool, jacuzzi bathtub and private garden that we could enjoy breakfast in, it also had a quite pool we could lounge in although we preferred spending time by the beach.


The service was impeccable. We had a personal concierge who took us around and we were well-taken care of. Here I am sleepy-faced on the morning of my birthday with bed hair and my mouth full of cereal haha!


Apart from the beaches, Saint-Tropez also had quite a few vineyards which we stopped to visit while we drove around. Wine is cheaper than water in some parts of France, and while I’m not a big wine person, it was hard to resist having a glass at almost every meal.


The area where the boats and yachts were docked were also the perfect place to watch the sunset. It was so peaceful i could almost imagine Saint-Tropez the way it was back then when people made their living by catching fish out at sea instead of the throngs of tourists streaming in for the parties and beautiful beaches.


Although it’s well-known for its crazy parties and nightlife, I definitely remember this place as a peaceful slice of heaven. We really did get our Saint-Tropez tans in the end and it was incredibly hard to leave such an alluring beach paradise.


But more fun times were just ahead as we headed onward to beautiful Cassis!

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