Musings: Goodbye, Radio.


“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

You just have to want it with every ounce of your being. And with good intentions.

When I graduated from Junior College at 18, I had a wild idea that I wanted to be reporter and someday, a TV news anchor. It was a big dream for someone with no outstanding talent, exceptional IQ or stunning good looks.

I was just a teenage girl with a dream, a lot of curiosity, and a hunger to make a difference. I was fascinated with studying how people think, power, politics and how the world was run by people who had too much. I wanted to speak for and give those who had no way of defending themselves a voice. But back then, I didn’t have one. I was too young, and people asked me why I didn’t try for Law or Medicine with my grades. Instead, I studied Political Science. What are you going to do with with that? they asked.

I had a plan in my heart, but I couldn’t defend my choices then. I just believed this was how I’d make my mark. By doing what my parents always told me to do — Pursue your passion, work harder than anyone else, and everything will fall into place. Because my dad believed it with all his heart, I did too. And today, more than ever, I do.

I’m incredibly passionate about asking questions, learning and sharing knowledge with people. There is no greater power than education and being informed, and everyone has a right to the truth. It’s the first step to eradicating any kind of suffering or social injustice.

In those four and a half amazing years hosting talk shows and presenting the news on Radio, I’ve found a voice to call my own. And in the process learnt so much from countless people who shared the things they felt for on air. There are so many people who were kind and looked out for me. They took a chance on me, gave me opportunities to shine, and they rooted for me when I didn’t see what I could be. I owe so much of who I am today to all of them. Still, I aimed to achieve my dream by the time I hit 30 and I knew it would be a daunting challenge.

Today, at 27, I step into the world I’d only ever dreamed of. It was almost wishful thinking that I watched as my intelligent, poised and articulate colleagues presenting the news and interviewing experts/politicians on a flickering TV screen, and told myself one day I’d like to make that kind of a difference. I was prepared to struggle and try for as long as it takes.

But I’ve been so unbelievably blessed and today is a very emotional day for me.

I completed my first TV news bulletin on air, and it’s been an uphill climb so far. The learning curve, the pressure, the fast-paced, harsh and critical environment in TV. But I feel ready. The door always opens when you’re ready and when you want something enough with all your heart.

Don’t lose heart. Be patient, keep doing what gives your life meaning and work harder at it than anything you’ve ever worked for. I assure you, your door will surely open in due time.

“Remember that where your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

Keep believing.

4 thoughts on “Musings: Goodbye, Radio.

  1. Hi Angela,

    My name is Bryan, and I’ve been an immense fan of yours since your days on Culture Cafe. I think you’ve taken an amazing step forward, and I would like to offer you my heartiest congratulations. I’m doing my doctoral studies now and I resonate with what you’re saying about social justice and voice – and I’m quite sure your role(s) to come will continue to be an emancipatory voice that truly helps all you come in touch with.

    We should get to know each other sometime.

    Congrats, again!


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