Chinese Cooking: Delicious Seafood Congee Recipe


The perfect comfort food — warm, smooth congee filled with the freshest seafood and topped with delicious chopped century egg, fried wanton skins and spring onions for flavour.

Here’s another of my favourite recipes from Mom.

– rice
– fish meat with bones
– fish or seafood stock
– chopped fresh prawns
– minced pork meat
– fish paste (to make prawn and pork balls)
– thickly-sliced fresh fish
– big prawns
– chopped century egg
– deep-fried wanton skins
– spring onion/chinese parsley

We’re going to start with the fish stock. Boil the fish meat and bones in fish stock for 20-30 minutes to get a great flavour going in the congee base.


Then get the rice ready. In a rice cooker, prepare rice with more water than you normally would for a soft, almost mushy texture.

We’re now going to start on the fun part. Making prawn and pork balls! It’s simple really. You want to mix the prawns or pork with fish paste so they stick together and form easily into bite-sized balls.


Make sure to marinate the minced pork and prawn with some sesame oil and soy sauce before you mix it in with the fish paste. Then just form them into balls with a spoon like so.


Then pop them into the fish stock that you prepared earlier and only remove them when they start to float. Don’t over cook them or they might start to get too dry or break apart.


They should look like this. Juicy, succulent and not fully cooked. We’re going to cook them in the congee again later.


Next, lightly-cook the sliced fish, again being careful not to overcook or they’ll fall apart.


When all the seafood is cooked, check on your rice. The texture should look something like this.


If it isn’t, you can use this nifty little tool here to chop them up into your desired consistency. I prefer my congee really smooth like they do it in Hong Kong where the rice grains can barely be seen.


Once you’ve mixed the rice in completely with the broth, it’s time to add in the seafood and simmer for another 10 minutes.


Once you’re done, it’s ready to serve! Top with chopped century egg, spring onions, deep-fried wanton skins and even fried dough sticks or You Tiao  if you manage to find some.


Anddd.. Enjoy! This dish is best served piping hot and if you’re keeping it for later, make sure not to stir it too much so it keeps better.


You can try these with sliced pork, shredded chicken or even top it with a raw egg. Good luck!

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    • Sure! For something simple, we usually just have them chilled with some sweet pickled ginger to cut the creaminess of the yolk. But if you’re worried about not being used to the taste, you can definitely try them in congee like this recipe, or sliced and deep fried before tossing with some minced meat and spicy sauce. Enjoy (:

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