Travel: Road Trip to Aspen, Colorado!


It’s been more than a month and I’m really missing my buddy. So here’s sharing one of the first trips we made together when I went to visit him two years ago in Michigan.

We took a short flight to Denver, Colorado for a road trip driving through the gorgeous Rocky Mountains to Aspen! I was so thrilled because I’d never ski-ed before and the view on the way there was absolutely breathtaking. I could barely stop myself from smiling. We sang along to old country songs in the car to get in the mood and took in amazing views like this along the way.


We checked in at Hotel Aspen which was quaint, cosy and we had our own heated outdoor pool. We spent most of our time in there because the weather was so perfect to be in a hot tub, especially amid the falling snow. After a long day out skiing and riding snow mobiles, we’d soothe our tired muscles in the warm bubbles with beer and a gorgeous night sky full of stars. Aaaahhh…


The outdoor pool was really well-maintained and heated up really quickly. We also left all our beers out in the snow to get them ice-cold. No need for fridges! Haha.

IMG_7253   IMG_7259

We spent one of days there exploring the mountains on snowmobiles at the T Lazy 7 Ranch where Sean and I would ride our snowmobile on the pristine mountain slopes.


It was quite exhilarating especially when it came to sharp bends but the scenery and the fresh mountain air was so invigorating!


Sean also taught me to ski! It was a lot more tiring than I thought but still terribly fun. It’s one of the best memories we’ve had together. And we had so much fun we forgot to take pictures! But here’s one of a snowman we built together. Haha! Isn’t he a cutie?


Something pretty interesting about Colorado is it’s one of the few states in the US that actually sells medical marijuana out of an apothecary. It was such a novelty. We couldn’t not visit.


The whole thing was really surreal you had assistants recommending different kinds of gummies, strains for various pain conditions and it was all very official. People had to produce their ID to purchase a limited and regulated amount. Definitely an eye-opener for us.


When we weren’t skiing, we were eating. And while I don’t have pictures with me, I recommend the very popular Matsuhisa Aspen for great Japanese food, Rustique Bistro for French comfort food with amazing service, and also Boogie’s for huge all-American burgers and shakes.

This is us enjoying some craft beers and nachos with a fire while watching people zip down the white slopes and jump on and off ski lifts.


Aspen is such an incredible place for a retreat. It’s quiet, peaceful and affords a lot of privacy. It was an exciting 4 days in what was truly a winter wonderland.


We had SO much fun and I’d definitely like to go back again when we’re older and take on those ski slopes proper after some practice.


If you head there anytime soon, I hope you have as wonderful if a time as we did. And do share your adventures with me too! x

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