Travel: White Cliffs and Beaches in Cassis (La Calanques), France


One of the most underrated places to visit in Southern France has got to be Cassis. In particular, the gorgeous white cliffs of the calanques.


 Just about an hour and a half hour drive from Saint-Tropez, Cassis is in my opinion a prettier albeit less flashy cousin of Saint-Tropez. And honestly, I kind of liked it better.


After a filling birthday lunch of pasta, pizza, steak and beer, we were all set for a day out at sea! It was my birthday and Sean wanted to take me out to snorkel because I’d always wanted to but had a slight phobia of fishes and sharks (haha don’t laugh).

So we rented a small boat for the day and went exploring among the hidden beaches amid the towering white limestone cliffs. It was so much fun being out on the ocean! Just zipping over the huge waves and getting sprayed with cool jets of water and the wind whipping our hair into our faces. I had butterflies in my stomach from riding the waves. I love that feeling.


We traversed the coast over the afternoon and found a good many beautiful quiet spots for swimming and sunbathing. There were also particularly scenic spots where other yachts and boats were docked and people were just sipping beer and having a great time splashing in the water.


The water was pretty cold but it felt really awesome just being in such clear, blue, beautiful water. In case you were wondering, there weren’t that many fishes so it was a pretty relaxing, amazing experience.


We found a couple of beaches and cliffs that were teeming with hikers who were camping out and it felt so good to just bask in the warm rays of the sun after swimming from where our boat was docked to the shallow beaches in cold water.


We also managed to climb up the white rocks avoiding the sharp and slippery barnacles at the bottom to enjoy this gorgeous view from the top. It was such an amazing atmosphere. Everyone was laughing, relaxed, and I felt so at one with nature and all its elements.


Really can’t think of a better way to spend a birthday, thanks to this total sweetheart. Hehe.

After a long day our at sea,  we tucked into an amazingly fresh seafood dinner by the port just by our hotel with the refreshing sea breeze and watching the people go by.


We had saffron risotto, golden brown squid fritters, seared entrecôte steak and a wonderfully tart strawberry panna cotta. You really can’t go wrong with the seafood!


If you’re ever in South of France and don’t like the stuffiness of Saint-Tropez, give Cassis a whirl. It’s a charming little village with a lot of history as well being an ancient fishing port. If you love the sun, sea and sand, this charming place will definitely win you over.

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