Travel: A Sunny Day in Cannes, France


Synonymous with the glitz and glamour of the world’s most prestigious film festival, Cannes is understandably the location of choice for the world’s best in filmmaking with its pristine sandy beaches, palatial hotels and posh boutiques.


We stopped over for lunch on the way to Saint-Tropez and immediately you could feel the difference in the way people dressed, spoke and carried themselves. It was a really hot day and walked along the cobbled streets lined with charming boutiques and restaurants. But first, ice-cream! We went with the champagne Magnums and mojito popsicles which were absolutely delish.


It was lovely sitting by the sea where all the yachts were docked and just enjoying the salty sea breeze. Then, starting to get hungry, we stopped for lunch at one of the cafes lining the impeccable streets. A very popular drink for summer there was the refreshing Monaco which I loved.


It’s two parts beer, one part lemonade and a splash of grenadine. It was so delicious it’s hard to believe you’re drinking alcohol. Which, of course, got me just a little woozy after lunch.


Although it was a beautiful city, and definitely an iconic place to visit, it wasn’t somewhere we thought was worth spending the night. So after walking the meal off and checking out the city sights, we were all set for our next destination!

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