Travel: Gorgeous Hạ Long Bay Overnight Cruise, Vietnam


With its emerald green waters, and towering limestone karsts, spending the night adrift at the iconic Ha Long Bay was hands-down one of the best cruise experiences I’ve had.

It’s hard to believe, but this UNESCO World Heritage Site is nearly 500 million years old, and hosts up to 2,000 islets. Of course, the best way to explore is by boat, or kayak.


After checking in on our boat, we’d spent the afternoons rowing through towering limestone karsts, giant caves and just soaking in the salty sea air. We’d get a pretty good workout from long evening kayak trips in and around Bai Tu Long Bay which is a slight quieter but equally scenic part of the bay.


We even managed to spot native monkeys at one of the most popular lagoons there!


I just loved how peaceful it was. And how incredibly green the water was.


In the evenings, we’d spend time sunbathing, enjoying the peace and quiet with a good book and some great drip coffee. It was bliss.


We had home cooked meals with generous helpings of Vietnamese stir-fried chicken (sorry, guys), pork, beef and lots of fresh vegetable and fruits they’d gotten from the market.


We even had a spring roll party before dinner proper. We had fun making our own rice paper rolls, and boy were we stuffed by the end of it.


Time on the boat passed slowly and it was so great watching the afternoon go by.



I even had a little balcony outside my cabin where I could just relax, unwind and do some quiet reading and writing.


We’d stop at various islands for small hikes. This view here was from Ti Top Island. It was named after Ghermann Titov, a former Soviet Union hero who joined Ho Chi Minh here on a visit.


Look at that gorgeous panoramic view! I could hardly bear to leave, especially after the hike uphill.


Ha Long Bay definitely did not disappoint. The is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. And I do recommend spending a night on the bay instead of doing a day trip to truly savour its sprawling beauty.


If you’re ever in Vietnam. Don’t miss this glittering national treasure. Share your experiences there with me too! (:

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