Review: Tompkins Bagels, NYC


They say it’s not a bagel unless you have it in New York City. And truth be told, a lot of it could be because it doesn’t seem to be loved so much in any other city I’ve been to. Well Tompkins enjoys wonderful ratings online. And it being just a stone’s throw from where we lived in East Village, how could we not pay a visit?

Overall: ★★★★☆ Great variety of ingredients, delicious bagels.
Price: $$


Showcasing hand-rolled bagels which are kettle boiled before they are baked which gives them that wonderful chewy texture. The variety of bagels, spreads and toppings here left us spoilt for choice.

I love my sweet bagels with preserves and cream cheese, but they do savoury ones pretty well also. Sean went with the Smoked Salmon Onion Bagel with Wasabi Cream Cheese.


You can choose from smoked Yellowfin, Gravlax, and even Double Smoked Scottish Salmon.


There is also a great variety of toppings like sautéed vegetables, guacamole, patés and even a wonderful selection of salamis and hams.


Check out that rainbow-coloured Birthday Cake cream cheese! Other flavours include Chipotle Avocado, Jalapeño Cheddar, Bacon Herb and even an Espresso flavour. It’s impossible to get bored with your morning bagel with such a spread.


The cheese was subtly flavoured with wasabi. And the salmon was really fresh. The bagel was bigger than the ones we find in Singapore and I loved the combination of onion, smoked salmon and the kick of horseradish.


My pick was the Poppyseed Bagel with Double Berry Cream Cheese. And oh my word. This is absolutely breakfast heaven. The cream was rich but with chunks of blueberries and strawberries mixed in, the flavour was just amazing. The smooth, creamy texture went perfectly with the firm, chewy bite of the warm toasted bagel.


Definitely pop by for breakfast or even grab one to go! You’ll definitely find something you love. And if you’re not really a bagel person, this might just change your mind.

Tompkins Bagels
Address: 165 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009, USA
Phones: +1 646-351-6520

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