Travel: Day Trip to Odense, Denmark


For a change of pace or just to experience a different side of Denmark, Odense might be a great option to consider. Just a short one and a half hour train ride from Copenhagen, Odense is the country’s third largest city and is the famed hometown of iconic writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen.


I’m a big fan of train rides, no matter where in the world. There’s something about watching the world pass you by as you relax to great music or dive into a good book. It’s a wonderful way to admire the landscape and watch as it changes right before your eyes.


Navigating the train stations and finding the right platforms took some getting used to, but we were helped along by so many super friendly Danes who made sure we got to our destination safely.


One of the main attractions of Odense has got to be the childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen who is a poet and writer, most known for his fairy tales like The Little Mermaid and Thumbelina. The surroundings were so peaceful and serene with ducks frolicking in the calm water. Coupled with the gorgeous red and gold foliage, it was truly a beautiful sight to behold.


The old furniture, utensils and writing materials were all preserved as part of the home which is now converted into a museum.


It celebrates his works that have made its mark in the hearts of children and adults alike all over the world.


The town was a completely different experience from the busy, fast-paced nature of the city. There were a good many places for shopping, if you’re so inclined and it’s easy to find food from all cultures including pretty decent Thai food which we had for dinner.


Of course, in the spirit of immersing myself in Danish “hygge”, I found a small cafe with the most delicious cup of chai latte and curled up with a wonderful read after a long day of filming. It was just divine.


There’s a reason why the Danes are considered the “happiest people in the world”. And I think it has a lot to do with its celebration of cosiness, warmth and close relationships with their loved ones. That’s one lesson I was more than happy to take home with me.

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