Review: Totto Ramen (East Village), NYC


It’s sweater weather, and I’m really craving a piping hot bowl of Ramen. So here’s our visit to Totto Ramen on my first evening in New York.

Fresh off of the plane, and straight into chilly 3-degree weather. We decided to give the popular small Ramen Bar a shot. Like most Ramen Bars, it’s not a place to stay and chat. We entered a small shop, perched ourselves on some stools and tucked into this bowl of comfort. Fuss-free and quick. Just the way we like it, especially when famished.


The broth is quite different from a lot of Ramen broths I’ve had. This held the flavour and texture of soup boiled a long time. Kind of reminded me of my own grandmother’s soups which she’d carefully slowcook for hours over a charcoal flame. It had amazing pork bone flavour but was also slightly thicker than I’d expected. There was a slightly gelatinous consistency to it that reminded me of soups boiled in collagen. The pork belly was delicious, the chicken breast a little less tasty, but overall it was not a bad bowl. Nothing mind-blowing, but still very satisfying, especially on a cold day.

Overall: ★★★☆☆ Good portion, Fresh ingredients
Price: $

Totto Ramen
Address: 248 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022, USA
Phone:+1 212-421-0052
Hours: 11:45AM–3PM5:30–11:30PM

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