Review: Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant & Mart, Washington DC


I’ve always loved trying exotic new cuisines and who would’ve thought DC would be such a great place to dig into some hearty Ethiopian fare! There are quite a few Ethiopian restaurants here ranging from casual to fine dining. People love a quick, filling breakfast at many of the eateries in the city, and it’s also a popular take-out food at any time of day.


We decided to try this popular one which was just a five minute walk from our place. Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant was really cosy, filled with sunlight and decorated with beautiful African paintings on rustic brick walls. I loved it!

Overall: ★★★★☆ Delicious, hearty food with a cosy ambience.
Price: $

There was a great variety of dishes on the menu including different curries, salads, and meat stews. We decided to go for the popular Beef Tibs and a Veggie Combo which they combined on a sharing platter.

Just look at all those gorgeous colours! The beef was beautifully done. Large chunks seared over high heat and done medium rare. It’s spicy, smoky and was incredibly tender and juicy. The onions and jalapeños brought out the sweetness of the meat. Absolutely wonderful.


And the vegetables were amazing too. Each one had a distinctive flavour and texture. A wonderful mix of lentils, beans, and preserved and fresh vegetables in a variety of curries and sauces. It was such an adventure trying each one of them out, and wrapping them in soft Injera. Injera is a type of traditional Ethiopian soft sourdough flatbread. It had a very unique texture and absorbed all the sauces well.


We were really happy with our meal and this platter alone was enough to fill both of us up.  Ethiopian food is best enjoyed shared, so everyone is digging in with their hands and it’s really a lot of fun. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience and I highly recommend this place. Food takes awhile to serve up so patience is required. But hey, when it tastes this good, any wait is worth it. Do give it a try if you’re ever in DC!

Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant & Mart
Address: 1334 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
Phone: +1 202-299-9703
Hours: 11AM–11PM

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