Review: Chelsea Market Seafood and Sushi, NYC


Hidden away in what used to be an old meatpacking district is a shopping mall housing a fantastic array of fresh seafood and all kinds of cuisine. It’s a foodie’s paradise, and Sean insisted we start with one of the highlights there — the humongous steamed Maine Lobsters.


They do lobster rolls too, but I think it’s too much of a waste to overwhelm the natural sweetness of the lobster flesh with mayonnaise and too much seasoning. We had ours huge and simply steamed to enjoy its natural flavour.

Just look at how much of that beautiful yellow creamy stuff there is! It’s actually called Tomalley and is really lobster liver. This is what goes into lobster bisque and consommé for that rich, slightly bitter flavour. How indulgent!


We had ours with a slight squeeze of lemon and dunked in melted butter. Oh my word. We also ordered a side of clam chowder which was delicious as well if not super creamy.

And it’s not just the lobsters that caught our eye. There was a huge oyster counter where a big variety of Oysters from around the world were displayed with accompanying descriptions.


We picked a combination of sweet, creamy and nutty ones, as well as the more briny alternatives for a taste of what each had to offer.


You can dine at the counter where there’s dressing and vinaigrettes to choose from. And even some spices if you want some variety. I prefer my oysters with just lemon or a light touch of vinaigrette if it’s too briny. Otherwise, the nutty, buttery ones go best on its own!


And then it was time to fuel up with some carbs! There was a sushi counter as well where they do individual orders as well as an omakase where they give you a random selection of the freshest catch of the day. It wasn’t too bad, although of course it being in a more casual setting, it’s more fast food than anything. The maki rolls to-go also make a great afternoon snack.


And that’s not all, there are all kinds of European and Asian cuisines as well as wines, desserts, coffees and cured meats and cheese. There’s definitely something for everyone in that sprawling food complex. But go in a group and you can try everything and eat for hours!

To digest all that food, I recommend taking a slow, scenic walk on the Highline. I’ll definitely share more on that real soon. Enjoy!

Chelsea Market
Address: 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA
Hours: 7AM–9PM
Phone: +1 212-652-2110

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