Review: Brunch at Adrift by David Myers, MBS


Had such a delightful brunch that day with Sean’s parents at Adrift, I just wanted to share about what I think is one of the more underrated brunch buffets in town.

First of all, Adrift by David Myers is located in the MBS Hotel, and I’d always thought of it as more of a dinner and drinks sort of restaurant. But don’t be fooled. This place is quite lovely by day, with sunlight streaming in through the ceiling-to-floor glass and plenty of variety to choose from. So, let’s get started!

Overall: ★★★★ Excellent spread, good variety. Nice and quiet on Sundays.
Price: $$$

To begin, we got a starter of the King Crab Melt ($13) with jalapeño and pickles.


This was surprisingly light, but very savoury. The melted cheese went wonderfully with the fresh, sweet crab meat on toasted bread. A good start.

And then, we began with the buffet. At just $88++ per pax, you get this selection of chilled seafood, fruits, salads, a selection of artisan cheeses and cured meats, house-made sweet and savoury breads.






And that’s not all, you also get small plate specials presented to you on a trolley at your table-side – like some sauteed veggies, toasties, squid tempura, meat skewers and fried bacon.




And if you think that’s all, think again. You still get to choose a main dish and desserts!

We went with the Adrift Benedict with grilled rice cakes, onsen egg, bacon, and miso hollandaise. Definitely a unique twist to the brunch classic.


Grilled Furikake-Rubbed Big Eye Tuna with marinated peppers and smoked eggplant.


And if we weren’t already stuffed, there was still a whole amazing selection of fresh fruit, a giant honeycomb..



And even a variety of cookies, cakes, pies and breads. Absolutely spoiled for choice!


We went with the free-flow of drinks for an additional $70++, no regrets there. The espresso martini alone was well worth that. So delicious and definitely packs a punch!



Although, I have to say that perhaps a big part of why the buffet was so enjoyable was because there wasn’t much of a crowd at all, even on a Sunday. We had the whole spread almost entirely to ourselves, and it was peaceful, the service was great. Nothing to complain about really. So, if you’re feeling a little bored with the usual Champagne Brunches, you might find Adrift a breath of fresh air!

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