Review: Pim Pam by FOC


I’d had a pretty good experience with food at FOC, and so when Sean suggested going for tapas at their relatively new joint tucked away right beside Orchard Hotel, I was pretty excited. Overall, this is a great pick for a casual dinner and drinks with a group friends. Because when it comes to tapas, more really is more. Haha.

Overall: ★★★★ Great value tapas and drinks. Good for groups.

Let’s begin with a classic tapas favourite. The Octopus Galician Style.


If you like your octopus slightly chewy and a little rubbery, this isn’t for you. The ‘Pulpoa la gallega’ was done more tender and soft, with a slight char around the edges. Served on a bed of mashed Potatoes and seasoned with smoked paprika, needless to say, we polished the whole thing off quite quickly.

Next up, the Barramundi San Sebastian-style.


This was basically a juicy Barramundi fillet pan-fried in garlic, chilli and served with confit Potatoes and prawns. Nothing exceptional, but the fish was done very well. Tender juicy flesh with crispy skin. And lots of beautiful garlic flavour.

And being seafood fiends, that still wasn’t enough prawn for us. So we also ordered the  Prawns ‘Al Ajillo’.


A simple dish of pan-fried prawns, garlic oil, parsley and toasted bread. Can i just say that bread in garlic-infused oil? Party in my mouth.

And what’s a tapas feast without some good old Squid Ink Paella.


Trust me when i say this was BOMB. I’m not even a big rice person, but this had me scraping every last creamy, squid ink coated grain off of the pan. Rice done perfectly al dente, and coated with a rich creamy stock. There was also soft bits of octopus, squid and topped with pan-fried prawns and mayonnaise. Oh my word. Please do not miss this!

And finally, to fill us up a bit more (and when i say us, I mean Sean haha) we decided to give the Pim Pam ‘Trinxat” a shot. Trinxat is a food from the Pyrenees, essentially similar to Bubble & Squeak and it means quite literally “mashed” or “chopped”.


First of all, i’ve never had pan-fried mashed potatoes. But it tastes pretty much the same as regular mash, just more fragrant and a little more solid. The savoy cabbage, sizzling golden brown pork belly, fried fluffy eggs and crispy kale was just an unlikely but very satisfying combination. We were completely stuffed after that.


But then again, there’s always room for cocktails. The ones at Pim Pam really pack a punch (i.e. very strong) so if you’re looking to pre-game before hitting the clubs, this is a great way to start the night. So what are you waiting for?

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