Review: The Naked Finn, Gillman Barracks


The Naked Finn has been around for some years now, and it did a fantastic job of marketing with social media influencers when it first started out. Mostly famous for its lobster rolls at one point, that now appears to be upstaged by their Prawn Noodle Soup ($25). Of course we had check out what makes this ridiculously overpriced hae mee different from our hawker favourites.

Overall: ★★ Overpriced food, but great ambience saves the day.
Price: $$ – $$$

The restaurant claims to have experimented with over 9 species of prawn for an intense complex stock. They ended up with a mix of wild-caught giant red shrimp, Northern prawn and dried sakura shrimp for the winning combo. They fry all the prawns whole in grapeseed oil as the base for the prawn stock, then blended and left to simmer with pork stock for seven hours. It also claims no MSG or additional sugar is added. I went with a mixture of the Japanese somen and vermicelli (bee hoon) to check out which noodle had better texture.

FullSizeRender (23).jpg

The overall verdict? The prawn stock was in fact different from a regular hawker prawn mee. it’s more intense, had a bit more of that bitter shell flavour, and was overall less salty and MSG laden. It was good but nothing amazing. The prawns were large and fresh though – grilled with salt. And the addition of a pork belly roll was also an interesting twist. The somen was almost like a Chinese mee sua. But if you prefer your noodles firm, I suggest going with just the vermicelli. I’m no prawn mee snob, but I generally prefer it with some sort of yellow noodle. Doesn’t quite taste like hae mee otherwise.

We also tried out their Highland Burger ($28).


It’s a 170g patty of grass-fed beef, topped with blue cheese sauce, double American cheese, and served with a side of shoestring fries. All their burger patties come well-done though, which was a bit of a bummer. Otherwise, a pretty forgettable burger.

You might think we probably wouldn’t return again. The food, after all, is rather overpriced. But The Naked Finn’s saving grace really is their green, light-filled ambience.


I really loved that it was located in a glass house, away from the bustle of the city, and filled with all kinds of greenery. I’d actually come back again to while away a lazy Sunday in such lush, relaxing surroundings.


So is it worth a try? Perhaps. But don’t go just for the food. Try to enjoy the place in its entirety, and you might just have a great time.


The Naked Finn
Address: 39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, 109442
Phone: 6694 0807

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