Review: Atlas Coffeehouse, Bukit Timah


I’ve heard stellar recommendations for Atlas Coffeehouse from various friends and colleagues over the past few months. Apparently the coffee is excellent and the food pretty decent. And because we were craving some hearty brunch fare just a few weeks ago, decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Overall: ★★★1/2 Great coffee, hearty Mains. Everything was a hit.

Price: $$ – $$$

The cafe is notorious for long queues on weekends, but we got super lucky, because there were only two of us, we were ushered in within 2 minutes of arrival at around 1230pm! No complaints there. We went with empty stomachs and decided to share 3 mains and coffee. For a start, here’s the The Atlas Super-bowl ($17).


This was delicious crispy salted kale, miso eggplant, butter corn, rosemary chicken chunks and sauteed tomatoes and mushroom atop a warm bed of quinoa. Very tasty, and felt pretty damn healthy as well.

We also ordered the Low & Slow Pulled Pork ($20).


This was a totally decadent treat. 18-hour slow-braised pulled pork, scrambled eggs, streaky bacon and arugula served on sourdough. The pork was amazingly tender and flavourful, and everything came together and melted into a gorgeous mess in the mouth. Mm..

The coffee I must say was pretty decent too. Not a big fan of slow drip coffee, but their lattes were good. Still a Common Man girl, but this wasn’t half bad.


We also couldn’t resist some Shoe String Truffle Fries ($8) topped with a mountain of fluffy grated parmesan. It came piping hot and golden brown, topped with a generous heap of parmesan that melted beautifully on the bed of warm potato. This is every carb lover’s dream.


And of course, we saved the best for last. An amazing dessert of Candied Bacon Waffles ($14.50). 


This was pure decadence stacked beautifully on a plate. The waffles were perfectly done – crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside. Enough to melt the Vanilla Bean ice-cream into the golden brown grooves. And then the crowning glory of candied bacon caramelised with brown sugar and that whole stunner topped with just the right amount of golden maple syrup.


This rendered us totally speechless. And seriously, i’d definitely return just for this. But with every dish hitting the spot, I totally get why everyone raves about this place. It’s well worth the hype. If you’re going in big groups though, you might have to wait. But with food this good, hey, why not?


Atlas Coffeehouse 
Address: 6 Duke’s Rd, Singapore 268886
Phone: 6314 2674

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