Review: The Boiler, Singapore


It’s the Chinese New Year, and after having had our fill of steamboat and the usual favourites, we decided to get our hands dirty and our bellies full of some good old seafood in a bag!

It’s not the first time we’ve been to The Boiler. It’s located somewhat off the beaten path on Howard Road. But even on a Thursday evening, the place was almost at full capacity. We tried out their Double Happiness Yusheng ($38.88) with extra Salmon ($13.80). Check out my prosperity toss derp face!


After a fun appetiser of festive yusheng, we had another starter of this Gourmet Bacon Bak Kwa ($14.80).


For the uninitiated, bak kwa or sweetened barbecued meat (usually pork) is a Lunar New Year favourite. But having it with fatty bacon and skewered was definitely a first for me.

We kicked the feast off with two Boston Lobsters. We had them simply steamed to savour the freshness of the meat.


Unfortunately, the lobster was slightly overcooked and the meat had turned a little rubbery. It was still fresh and sweet though so no complaints there.

And then it was time for the main event – two Bombdiggity Bags ($149 each). 


The bag comes with Dungeness Crab which is super meaty and kept our fingers busy. There were also mussels, clams, prawns, sausages and sweet corn. All very delicious! You can also choose your spice level – Mild, Medium or Ragin’ Hot. I don’t know how people do the maximum level. I’m a chilli lover and Mild was already spicy enough for me. After all, you want to actually taste the seafood right? Haha.


Each bag claims to serve 4, but frankly it’s good for two if you’re not ordering much else like fries and other sides. The sauce here is less Louisiana-style than places like Dancing Crab or Crab in Da Bag. But for those who like it more garlic-y, less sweet and with less of a tomato flavour, The Boiler is the place for you.

Overall: ★★★★☆ Finger-lickin’ good fun. Great for groups of family and friends.
Price: $$$

The Boiler
Address: 18 Howard Road #01-06, Novelty Bizcentre, 369585
Phone: 6635 1285



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