Review: Yorimichi Yakitori, Golden Mile Tower


We ran into this popular hole-in-a-wall yakitori joint quite by accident. We were watching a movie at The Projector at Golden Mile Tower and wanted to grab a quick dinner. This quaint Japanese nook immediately caught our attention, and stood out amid the countless mookata and Thai cafes.

Overall: ★★★★☆ Delicious yakitori, affordable prices.

Price: $$

We ordered the Kushiyaki Set which comprises 5 sticks of your choice ($13.80).


It looks just as mouthwatering as it tasted! Definitely recommend the Torikawa (chicken skin), Butabara Miso (miso pork), Enoki Maki (bacon and enoki mushroom) and the Torimomo (chicken thigh). The chicken skin, while sinful was wonderfully charred and super flavourful. In fact, the all were. And the best part was they weren’t just marinated and glazed in the same sauce. Each skewer had a distinct flavour and taste, and all of them were delicious!

We also ordered some sides like this Pitan Tofu ($4.80).


It was pretty average. But the Tako Wasabi ($5.80) was excellent!


I’m a huge fan of what might be an acquired taste to most Singaporeans. But the Japanese love this as a staple to accompany sake and beer. This had just the right amount of spice and cut in larger chunks than usual for a better bite. Thumbs up!

And to round off the meal with some carbs, we went with the Niniku Chahan ($8.80) or Garlic fried rice.


This had so much wok hei and garlic flavour it was just super addictive. The best part was it’s not too oily and had tender chunks of chicken in it. A great way to end the meal.


I loved how eclectic the decorations were and how friendly the staff were as well. For a yakitori fix that is both delicious and easy on the pockets, i highly-recommend this super underrated joint. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Yorimichi Yakitori
Address: 6001 Beach Road,
#01-02 Golden Mile Tower, 199589
Phone: 6299 5812

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