Review: Tolido’s Espresso Nook


This was definitely a quirky pick for us. Just a stone’s throw from Michelin-starred Tai Hwa Pork Noodle on Hill Street, this brunch spot literally is a cosy nook. From the eclectic decor, to the no frills concept, we were pretty intrigued by how popular this little brunch spot was.

First of all, it’s all very casual. No GST, no service charge. It clearly takes pride in serving up an affordable brunch. But is it any good? Well, here’s our verdict.

Let’s begin with the 462 Prawn Laksa Pasta ($16.90).


I really wasn’t expecting much from this, to be honest. I’ve had enough of ‘fusion’ pasta to almost write them off completely. But this was a real flavour bomb. It stays true to the classic Singapore laksa down to the potent dried shrimp, in the broth, thick fragrant coconut milk and huge, succulent prawns. Don’t dig in actually expecting pasta, but just a more intense version of the local favourite. I’m surprised to say i really enjoyed this.

Next up, the Truffle Scrambled Eggs ($15.50).


This was dubbed somewhat a “Hong Kong-styled” scrambled eggs. Less buttery, watery and rich as its more Western counterpart, but still alright nonetheless. Nothing special here, I mean everything doused in truffle oil tastes great. It comes with a side of hearty sauteed potatoes and green salad.


They also have a decent selection of beverages, including this root beer float. It was slightly flat, but hey, put vanilla ice-cream on anything, and it tastes good.


And to end of the meal on a sweet note, we went with the Pandan Pancakes topped with Vanilla Ice-cream and Gula Melaka ($11).


The pancakes had a really intense pandan flavour and were moist and fluffy. It went great with a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a drizzle of brown sugar. Overall, the whole dish came together nicely, if on the sweet side. So if you’re not a fan of super sweet desserts, this might not be your thing.

Overall, Tolido’s is a nice change from the usual classic brunch fare. It does try to do something different, while keeping prices low. So do give it a try if the queue at Tai Hwa gets a little ridiculous (;

Tolido’s Espresso Nook 

Address: #01-63, Crawford Ln, Block 462, 190462
Phone: 6648 0178

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