Review: Nuevo Cafe, Eunos


Sean and I stumbled by this cafe quite by accident while shopping for materials and fixtures for our new home. I’d never otherwise have explored the Eunos area. And it actually really exceeded our expectations! Definitely give it a go if you’re in the vicinity.

Overall: ★★★★☆ Excellent dishes, fuss-free concept.
Price: $$$$


Our favourite dish has got to be this Mentaiko Seafood Linguine ($9).

First of all, even Pastamania doesn’t serve a 9-dollar linguine. And on top of that, the sauce is absolutely divine. Creamy but not cloying, pasta cooked perfectly al dente, and lots of fresh seafood and a generous topping of tobikko.


We also tried out one of their new milk tea flavours – Hojicha latte which was pretty different from the usual tea lattes I’ve tried. You’ll have to get over the olive green colour though haha.

I ordered the Eggs Royale ($14) which came with a generous portion of fluffy buttered brioche, two perfectly-poached eggs, smoked salmon, grilled tomatoes and a side salad.


This was decent and the bread was incredibly fluffy! It made a somewhat heavy-looking dish feel somewhat manageable. Enough to order another side.

This was the Gourmet Salad with Teriyaki Chicken ($10).


I’ve had my share of protein-heavy salads and this has got to be one of the better ones. It’s a crunchy mesclun mix topped with beautifully chargrilled teriyaki chicken. Mm.. the smoke on that juicy chicken was just outstanding. And accompanied with some macaroni and creamy sesame dressing was just perfect. I was even tempted to take one to go for a snack later that night. It was that good.


Will definitely be back if I’m ever in the area to try their rice bowls and even that Century Egg Pasta. But this place is a great pick for brunch that’s not only mouthwateringly good, but also easy on the wallet.


Nuevo Cafe SG 
Address115 Eunos Ave 3, Singapore 409839

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