Michelin Guide ★: Braci, Singapore


Tucked away on the top floor of a re-furbished shophouse along the bustling Boat Quay area is another Beppe de Vito baby – contemporary Italian restaurant, Braci.

We were curious to see what the brains behind Il Lido, Aura and Osteria Art had in store  for us with this intimate 20-seater. Refreshingly, the kitchen area was completely open, giving all guests a full view of all the excitement behind-the-scenes. And look at the stunning view of the Singapore River right outside our window!


We both weren’t too hungry and decided to go for the 4-course Surprise Menu at just ($100++) each, but ended up ordering an extra course anyway. 

Overall: ★★★1/2 Decent, but not outstanding.

Price: $$$-$$$$


And so we began with an amuse bouche trio of the freshest produce from South to North Italy.

And then this piping hot, freshly-baked bread with some delicious olive oil.


And then it was on to our very unique first course – Romanesco with aerated Burrata  and Hazelnut Pesto.

FullSizeRender (21).jpg

Who would’ve thought a broccoli would go so well with creamy burrata? Also, that gorgeous hazelnut flavour brought out all the nutty flavours of the vegetable. What a creative take on a simple vegetable dish! I’ve developed a great appreciation for chefs who can make vegetables taste amazing. It’s always easy to make fresh seafood, or a great cut of beef taste good. But for a veggie dish to wow, takes real talent.

Our second course was a Red Prawn Tagliolini.


This was delicious! Nothing noteworthy or exceptional, but very tasty. You get all of the creaminess of the prawn heads and buttery flavours all coming together in one tasty dish. We couldn’t get enough and ordered another portion of pasta later. But more on that in a bit.

Our third course was Roasted Duck with skin, Potato, Chestnut and Mushroom.


According to the chef, the duck had been marinated and refrigerated for 3 days to seal in all the flavour and make it more tender upon cooking. The doneness was just right, leaving the meat pink and juicy. The sweet chestnut paste also balanced off the full savoury flavour beautifully.

And because we were intrigued by the table next to us who had ordered this Sea Urchin and Caviar Tagliolini, we decided to have another portion each ($58++).


The price is a little steep, but for the quality ingredients it might well be worth it. Again, the pasta was pretty similar to the prawn one. But the creamy texture of the uni and umami flavour of the caviar just took it to a whole new level! Absolutely delicious.

Sadly though, the meal ended on a somewhat low note with this rather disappointing dessert of Green apple with Rhubarb.


The rhubarb sorbet was delicious and refreshing, but the apple was a strange jelly with a powdery texture and covered with a thin candy shell. Very odd. Didn’t care much for it at all, and expected more from the team in the dessert department.

Thankfully, the petit fours left a slightly more palatable aftertaste with a delicious chocolate hazenut disk and strawberry tart.


Overall, Braci served up quality dishes that were not too extraordinary but did not fall short either. But I did expect more from a Michelin-starred establishment. Worth trying if you’ve the time and money to spare, but otherwise, you can get more for less elsewhere. Let me know what you thought if you’ve dined there as well!

Address: 52 Boat Quay, #05-01/ #06-01, 049841
Reservations: quandoo.sgchope.co
Phone: 6866 1933

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