Review: La Braceria, Greendale Ave


My best friend Jacqueline has always raved about La Braceria as one of her favourite authentic Italian family restaurants. I personally love the casual, warm hospitality at Capri, but this turned out to be quite the excellent recommendation! The place is cosy, rustic and elegant at the same time.

Overall: ★★★★☆ Quality pasta and meats. Casual, rustic ambience.

Price: $$$

We decided to try the place for Easter lunch. And boy, was it a hearty one. All delicious pasta, gigantic tomahawks and lots of seafood goodness. Speaking of which, here’s our starter of Frito Calamaretti ($26).


Chunks of fresh Mediterranean squid, this wasn’t too tough and coated in a light golden batter with a squeeze of lemon and a dip of tangy mayonnaise.

Then came the real highlight – the pasta! Here’s the Fettucine Norcina ($19).


It’s a fettucine with homemade sausage, mixed mushrooms and fresh black truffle. You can clearly tell the sausage chunks are handmade from its irregular shape, but what i really like was how balanced the sauce was. It wasn’t too rich or creamy at all, and we polished off every drop. Absolutely nothing beats the satisfying texture of homemade pasta.

This next dish wasn’t in the menu, but if you ask, they’ll definitely do it for you. Thanks to Jacq’s recommendation, we got to enjoy this gorgeous Spaghetti Frutti di Mare ($28) in a bag.


I generally prefer marinaras and light sauces on my pasta so i can eat more of it without feeling fatigued. But this tomato sauce is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s at once light and buttery, tangy but fills your mouth with a wonderful richness. I don’t know how they do it. Not to mention the fresh seafood of vongole, prawns, mussels, squid and giant shrimp. This was quite an unforgettable dish.

And if we weren’t already filled on pasta, here’s a giant 1.2-2kg Australian Tomahawk Wagyu ($140/kg).


Check this baby out. How amazingly tender and juicy does that meat look? I love tomahawk steaks because you really get all that beautiful flavour of fat rendered into the meat. It was cooked super pink and medium rare, so tender the knife didn’t have to do much for it to slide right off of the bone. The best part was that gorgeous smoky char on the whole hulk of meat. I felt like a total caveman devouring this.


The steak also came with a side of sautéed vegetables (greens are a must!), roasted potatoes and some amazing truffle salt and mustard. What a way to end the meal. Needless to say, we were too stuffed for dessert. But hey, what better excuse to return?

La Braceria
Address5 Greendale Ave, Singapore 289501

Phone6465 5918

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