Review: Xin Cuisine Dim Sum, Holiday Inn Atrium


Xin Cuisine has always been a family favourite when it comes to both dependable dim sum and decent dinners. And on mom’s birthday this year, we decided to celebrate here with a hearty, delicious brunch.

Let’s start with the obvious mouthwatering slices of decadence that is the Barbecued Suckling Pig with Foie Gras, Yam & Japanese Cucumber (see above). We all loved what they’ve done with this dish — delicate, crispy pork skin, layered with thinly-sliced creamy foie gras, a sliver of deep fried yam and some Japanese cucumber for a refreshing crunch. The result? A beautiful explosion of fatty flavours in the mouth. Warning. One portion might not be enough.

And then, we have the dim sum staple, Siew Mai.


This was also very well done with juicy, well marinated pork, fresh prawns and skin that isn’t too thick. It’s topped with a green coloured caviar which is somewhat disorienting, but overall the flavours were great.


Next up, the Stewed Pork with Ground Nuts.


Tender, soft, and very flavourful. This also hit the spot.

The Deep Fried Beancurd Rolls have always been a family favourite. Although this time they’d served them up in shot glasses which I thought was kind of strange. It was also a bit more dry this time compared to usual.


Mom’s favourite dish is always the Feng Zhao (Phoenix Claw), which really is just stewed chicken feet stewed with beancurd skin.


I used to love this dish as a child. But somehow watching too many food documentaries of poor culled chickens hung up by their feet on straps have somehow killed my taste for the otherwise unique tastes and textures in this unique dish. Sigh.

My personal favourite in every dim sum meal is always the Har Gow (Shrimp Dumpling).


I love the delicate taste and textures of the juicy, succulent shrimp chunks held together with tasty lard and wrapped with a translucent, chewy rice paper skin. Absolutely divine. I judge a dim sum chef by how well he executes a har gow.

And finally, my sister’s favourite here — the Char Siew Tart with Hazelnuts.


You might think adapting a char siew puff into a tart form while topping it with nuts not traditionally used in Chinese cooking is rather progressive. But in this case, it really works! We loved the butter, flaky tart that still held it’s shape. And that gorgeous honeyed chunks of sweet pork… hmm. Definitely don’t miss this if you head down.

IMG_1056 (1)

Naturally, mom was thrilled with the meal! And we ended off with some Longevity Buns or Shou Tao (Longevity Peach)  for good health and a long life.


Was rather amused at the haphazard spatter of pink colouring to simulate the blush of peaches. But part of me was glad it wasn’t fully coloured like the store bought ones were. Because as we later found out, the restaurant bakes their own buns for customers who celebrate birthdays there. What a lovely touch!

Xin Cuisine definitely makes my Top 5 list of best Dim Sum places in Singapore, so do give it a shot and let me know what you think! x

Xin Cuisine
Address: 317 Outram Rd,
Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075
Phone: 6731 7173



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