Healthy Cooking: Chicken Penne Salad w/Lemon Yogurt Dressing


I absolutely love creamy salad dressings, but if you go with the usual caesar or ranch dressing, you’re really better off eating a cheeseburger nutritionally. Protein is a must for me in every salad, and I don’t buy into the no-carb hype. So, I’m going to introduce one of my favourite ways to put together an indulgent, satisfying salad that’s also easy on the waistline.

Let’s start off with some Oven-Baked Spiced Herb Chicken which I prepared earlier. And i’m just going to dice these into bite-sized chunks.


Then, you want to boil some pasta in salt water for about 11 minutes to get it just perfectly- al dente. 


And also chop up some cherry tomatoes, yellow or red peppers and boiled broccoli. You can make your own combination too. But the key is to incorporate as much colour as you can in the salad so you get all your vitamins for the day!


Then combine it in a bowl, squeeze some lemon juice over it (you can use vinegar if you don’t have fresh lemons), and add some salt and pepper to taste.

64380C31-8720-4223-B032-1FB33D274642 (1)

Then, my secret ingredient — some vanilla bean Greek yogurt. The best brand i’ve tasted hands down goes to Farmers Union. Try it! It’s so rich and indulgent but full of probiotics that are really good for your gut health.


Then toss it up in a salad bowl, and you’re ready to serve! It’s great as a side dish to heavy meals, or even on its own as a light snack.


Do try it if you’re looking for new healthy meal ideas, and let me know what vegetable, protein and pasta combinations work best for you. x

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