Italian Cooking: Basil Pesto Chicken Linguine


Nothing quite compares to the creamy, fragrant comfort that is a good pesto pasta. It’s rich, but not overwhelmingly so. And cream pastas don’t have to be bad for health. Just swap out heavy whipping cream for a light one and use lean chicken instead of the fatty cuts. But I think these pictures just say it all.


Hungry yet? Let’s get cracking!


– pasta of your choice
– chicken thigh (chopped into cubes)
– minced garlic
– 1/2 cup basil pesto
– bouillon cube/paste
– olive oil
– 2/3 cup light whipping cream


Let’s start with the sauce. Sauté chicken thigh pieces in olive oil and a dash of salt.



Once slightly browned, add garlic, bouillon paste and pesto sauce. Stir until chicken is almost fully cooked.


When, chicken is cooked, add light whipping cream and simmer. This brand here tastes just like the heavy version, so you don’t have to compromise on taste at all for half the number of calories.


I’ve also added some fresh basil leaves from our mini herb garden for extra flavour. Basil is such a joy to grow. They’re super hardy and thrive under the simplest conditions. Felt a little sorry harvesting some of it.


But even a couple of leaves crushed into the sauce adds a whole new dimension of flavour. Definitely recommend using fresh leaves on top of the pesto. Also throw in some cherry tomatoes or a bit of sweetness and colour.


Mix until chicken is well-coated.


The mixture should thicken in about 8 minutes, and your sauce is ready!

Next, boil the pasta in water and salt. It should take no more than 10 minutes.


Then drain, and mix in pesto sauce. And you’re done! Top with grated parmigiano cheese and tuck in. Super quick, creamy, rich pasta that’s super delicious and great with freshly baked baguette. I love dipping the bread into the leftover pesto! So good.


This makes for a wonderful quick fix dinner that can be prepared in 20 minutes. It will leave everyone wanting more. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself (;

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