Travel: Madakariputra Falls, Surabaya, Indonesia


To be honest, I’d planned Madakariputra waterfall as a mere stopover enroute from Surabaya airport to Mount Bromo. But we ended up being so much more impressed by its magnificence and beauty than we expected! This 200-metre tall waterfall is just a 3-hour drive from the airport, and features dreamy, rain-like streams cascading down the walls of a verdant, cylindrical canyon. I would call the experience almost transcendental.


The pictures truly do not do any justice to its scale and the awe it inspires. But I shall try my best to convey its transcendental beauty in this post. Let’s start with a bit of background on Java Island’s most popular waterfall.


The Madakariputra Waterfall lies hidden in a mountain valley just an hour away from Mount Bromo. Visitors have to trek about 20 minutes into the reserve to reach it.


It was said that Majapahit’s great commander Gajah Mada (depicted above) used to visit the waterfall to meditate before big battles. It was a sanctuary for him to clear his mind and soul. And if you look at the pictures below, you can really see why.


There’s just something about the refreshing, cool temperature, the invigorating showers tumbling from high above. The spray of fresh mountain water on our faces, wading in the streams lined with pebbles polished smooth from the force of the water. And just hearing the birds singing in the background amid all that lush greenery.


Definitely bring a poncho, and wear sandals with a good grip. Don’t bother with shoes unless you want them soaked through.


We spent a good couple of hours there just taking in the tranquil setting, and allowing ourselves to bask in the best of all that nature has to offer. I was truly surprised to stumble upon this little slice of heaven amid a harsh volcanic landscape.


If you ever end up in Surabaya, I promise you won’t regret paying this waterfall a visit. It’s worth every soul cleansing, mind clearing minute you spend there.



Madakariputra Waterfall
Address: Sapih, Branggah, Lumbang, Probolinggo, East Java 67183, Indonesia

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