Fresh Egg Rice Bowl at Tamago-ya たまごや , Arashiyama, Kyoto


Sharing this unique Kyoto find with all you foodies out there today! Raw eggs on rice might leave many people squirming. But in Japan, eggs so fresh they can be eaten raw and with barely any accompaniments are a delicacy. I’d watched many a documentary lauding the freshness of local eggs to the point where all that was needed to accompany it was just a sprinkle of salt for taste.


Mom and I came across this tiny hole in a wall after we had explored Tenryu-ji in Arashiyama. We were walking around some residential estates and admiring the various gardens and quaint cafes when we stumbled upon this shop specialising in fresh eggs. I’d only ever heard of raw egg rice bowls and was absolutely thrilled!


Here’s a quick look at their super simple menu.


They had half-boiled eggs, raw egg on rice with pickles, and egg pudding. Greedy me ordered all three! And the place was packed.


The weather was cool and perfect for sitting outside as we watched the rickshaws go by and enjoyed the view of autumn leaves.


And here is my bowl of gooey, delicious awesome —


Despite having just had my lunch, i wolfed this down like a kid who’d just discovered candy. The friendly lady at the stall told me to mix the raw eggs and seasoned vegetables with the rice which was also drizzled with some light sauce.

The balance in flavours was astounding. There was just the right amount of savoury, tangy (from the pickled veg), and the bowl had a gorgeous mix of textures.


That bright orange yolk, silky egg white with a natural umami mixed in with soft, fluffy rice grains just gliding down your throat.. it’s a whole other kind of enjoyment.

And then for dessert, i decided to try their egg pudding. It wasn’t as spectacular as the rice bowl, but i loved the surprisingly rich custard and that slightly burnt caramel that coated the bottom of the little jar. One was barely enough. But I was so glad I ran into this place.


Sadly, I didn’t manage to find a geotag or address. But if you’re in and around the Arashiyama area walking back towards the train station, be sure to stop a local and ask for tamago-ya which also aptly enough means egg house/ shop.

Do let me know if you managed to find it and whether or not you enjoyed the unique rice bowl like I did. I really don’t think I’d dare eat a raw egg rice bowl anywhere else. Have fun!




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