Travel: A Day in Strasbourg, France


I’d never really heard much about Strasbourg  before, but it turned out to be one of my favourite cities to visit during my trip to Europe. While it sits really close to the German border, it’s actually located in northeastern France, and is the formal seat of the European Parliament. What I found most fascinating about it has got to be the beautiful blending of German and French influences in its food, architecture, art and history. I loved how it incorporated the best of both cultures, without abandoning the uniqueness of both.


The centrepiece of gothic architecture in Strasbourg is the Cathédrale Notre-Dame. Just look at its intricate, ornate design in a unique pink hue. Just stunning.


But it’s not just what’s outside that’s breathtaking to visitors.


Thr Cathédrale Notre-Dame also features daily shows from its astronomical clock and sweeping views of the Rhine River from partway up its 142m spire.





By mid-day, the cold rainy weather had us hungry for some lunch. And we decided to try this local brewery that served up artisanal beers unique to the city.


I’d met my good friend Royston there. He spoke perfect French AND German and as a History Masters student, was a treasure trove of information and insight into the history of the city.


Just look at all the comfort food we tucked into! How could you go wrong with fried potatos, onion, bacon drenched in a thick creamy garlic sauce?


The Chèvretine salad with grilled chicken, goat’s cheese with walnuts and topped with crispy croutons.


Hock Munster with Sautéed potatoes, sauerkraut.


All of which was washed down with a delicious light and refreshing beer.

After that belly-busting lunch, it was time to walk off the food coma. And here I leave you with some scenes from our stroll on the streets and river banks of the old city.









It was such a gorgeous scenic stroll by the Rhine river as we admired the Fachwerkhaus and explored the local flea markets.

And to end off a beautiful day of exploring the city, another authentic Alsace meal in a popular rustic restaurant.


From a sausage platter served with tangy sauerkraut..


to  this delectable Veal’s kidney with cream sauce. It was super fresh, had none of that game-y aftertaste usually associate with innards, and just drenched in this rich buttery emulsion. Mmm..


And of course, it’s not a proper French meal without some classic Escargots.


The feast is never complete without some sauteed potatos on the side and a cold beer. Absolutely delicious and such a fascinating mix of both French and German culinary styles and ingredients. What a perfect way to end the day!


If you’ve been to Strasbourg, do share your stories with me. I’d love to revisit some day.

7 thoughts on “Travel: A Day in Strasbourg, France

  1. Beautiful city.
    I went to Strasbourg twice in the nineties, with my then partner who was lecturing in Lausanne; one of her colleagues was Alsatian. We went a second time just to see the total eclipse of the sun in 1999.
    The colleague’s cousin was chef at a good Alsace restaurant in New York. We were booked to go there on September 9th 2001, but it was too close to the WTC! We ate so-so Polish instead.

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