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Hello there!

My name is Angela, and I’m a News Presenter and journalist based in Singapore. Like many of you, I am absolutely in love with life and all things related to food, travel and discovery. Prior to TV, I was on Radio for nearly 5 years, hosting my own food, travel, and current affairs talk shows on air. I’ve always been a very curious person, read voraciously, and want to know everything I can about the world. Now I make a living by asking questions so everyone can learn from people who’ve stories to tell and knowledge to share. This blog documents my globetrotting and gastronomic adventures, lessons in personal growth, as well as the stories of the people who inspire me. I hope it will enrich your lives in some way too.

Experiencing different cultures and understanding the world is the first step to making a difference in it. I’m particularly passionate about projects like education for children, building shelter for the homeless, support for those with mental illness, and any cause that gives a voice to those who have none.

In my free time, I’m almost always devouring a good book, planning my next travel adventure, getting some Muay Thai training in at the gym, powering through a spinning class or in the kitchen trying out new recipes and getting tips from the most passionate chefs and teachers. It brings me great joy sharing these stories and recipes with you and really hope you’ll enjoy them too. If you do, leave a comment or say hello! (:

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  1. Now there is another cause to fight for…. factory farming and all the danger that transpires from it! Definitely not eating meat and animals products, will sustain our planet, our health and of course, the well-being of all animals! love life, go vegan, I say! 🙂

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  2. Hi Angela, have been following your blog some time now…..would really love to request you if you will be interested in doing a Guest post on my blog….if you will be interested kindly let me know…..would love to host you….:)


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