Musings: The Right to Believe

There is no communication more authentic than that between you and your idea of a greater power. It could be God, the laws of nature, or a multitude of deities. Even atheists find their own way to connect with the Universe. It doesn’t matter who or what you reach out to. That private, heartfelt communion is a truly […]

Musings: Migrant Workers in Singapore — Fu Jian Sheng’s Story

Since late last year, my old JC classmate Gwen and I have been documenting some truly heartbreaking stories with migrant worker’s welfare group, HOME Singapore. Meet Fu Jian Sheng from Pengzhou, Sichuan. – When he first stepped into HOME Geylang office in May last year, the Chinese construction worker had a rotting apple in his bag […]

Musings: More Than Meets the Eye

When regarding a political opponent, Lincoln once famously remarked, “I don’t like this man. I must get to know him better.” Lately, whenever I find myself feeling irritated by someone and potentially disliking them, I immediately force myself to get to know them. And this has done wonders for my growth and maturity as a person. […]