Michelin Guide ★: Corner House, Singapore

I’ve always had a tremendous soft spot for garden dining. There’s just something about thick green foliage and abundant sunshine beaming through floor-to-ceiling glass that just feeds my soul. Don’t get me wrong, I love the conveniences of living in an urban jungle. But I’m really most at ease around nature. So I decided to […]

Review: Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) Food Pot, Thye Thong Crescent

When it comes to having zi char in a place that feels like home, you don’t have to look further than Gu Ma Jia, which literally translates into ‘my aunt’s home’. And it couldn’t be more aptly-named! I loved the warm cozy feel of the place, family pictures hanging on the walls, and watching Gu Ma herself bustling in […]

Review: Colony @ Ritz Carlton Hotel’s Vintage Champagne Brunch

Two weekends ago, I had quite possibly my best buffet experience in Singapore so far. This was the Sunday Brunch at Colony in the Ritz Carton Singapore. I’m talking about eight live kitchens, a staggering array of fresh oysters, lobsters, crabs, sashimi, over 30 varieties of cheese, a gorgeous array of desserts and a wonderful blend of local […]

Review: Sunrise Bistro & Bar, Big Splash East Coast

East Coast Park always surprises with quality food haunts, and one of the new ones i’ve discovered recently has got to be Sunrise Bistro at Big Splash. Helming the kitchen is Chef Vincent Teng, who to date has worked at My Dining Room, Scarlet Hotel, Table 66 and Skyve. Chef Vincent is a fan of the […]