Baking: Scrumptious Banana Cake


Warm, soft, moist and oh so full of that heavenly banana flavour.. nothing warms the soul like a gorgeous loaf of banana cake. The whole house smells like heaven right now, and my belly is warm with a second slice of one of my favourite go-to comfort foods.


The secret to a great banana cake? Always use super ripe bananas. Don’t worry if they appear a little bruised. It makes for great flavour! Here’s the super simple recipe:

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Mexican Cooking: Chicken and Shrimp Burritos + Black Bean Rice


One of my favourite meals these days for a great balance of all the great nutrients you need, is definitely a Mexican burrito bowl. Just look at those beautiful colours! They’ve got to be good for you. Well, it was a day off, and I thought it would be a fun to have a mini burrito party for dinner.


The shrimp and chicken filling is easy enough. I sautéed the juicy shrimp with some olive oil, salt and spicy cajun seasoning. For the chicken, bake it in the oven with rosemary and thyme.

Then, we get to the absolutely essential Mexican black bean tomato rice. You can get these black beans canned, and it’s incredibly simple to prepare.


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Travel: Must-Visit Places in Kathmandu


Nepal is a country that will always have my heart. There’s something about its breathtaking natural beauty, deep spirituality, and the resilience and warmth of its people that I will always feel a strong affinity for. This is my second trip back to Kathmandu, and here are the places you definitely don’t want to miss!



But for some of the most wonderful experiences in the dusty Kathmandu, we begin with the sprawling Swayambunath complex perched on a hilltop in Kathmandu valley. Literally meaning “sublime trees”, I couldn’t think of a more apt name for a place inspiring so much peace and equanimity.


The complex is made up of a stupa (above) and a collection of shrines and temples.


There were many devotees who came alone or with loved ones to pray and deliver offerings. The atmosphere was just so calm and we were fascinated by the sheer colour and intricacies of the artefacts on sale at these makeshift stalls.


One of the highlights for me at the Swayambunath is running into this holy man dressed head to toe in vibrant saffron.


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Baking: Freshly-baked Baguettes


One of the most beautiful sounds in the world is a bread knife cutting into a beautiful piping hot, crispy baguette fresh out of the oven. My first attempt at these baguettes need a slight makeover, but I promise these taste absolutely heavenly. The texture is perfect! Crispy outside, moist and chewy inside. And when butter melts all over it, mmm… divine.

These are incredibly versatile. You can dip them in soups and stews, make bruschetta, garlic bread, and even use them for sandwiches. And the ingredients are super simple! You can find them in any kitchen.


Ingredients: (2 baguettes)
– 2 1/4 tsp dry yeast
– 1 1/4 cups warm water
– 3 cups bread flour + extra for surfaces
– 1 tsp salt
– cooking spray

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